Airtel 349 Prepaid Plan – Unlimited Local And STD Calling + 28GB 4G Data

Airtel 349 Prepaid Plan – Get unlimited local and STD calling + unlimited airtel to airtel free calling + 28 GB 4G internet data for Rs 349 only. Airtel has launched a new pack which will give free calling all over India and free internet data by paying Rs 349 only. In this article, we are going to provide you every single information you need to know about airtel 349 plan.

Well, Reliance Jio’s plans has benefits Jio users as well as non-Jio users. I know you may be thinking how non-Jio users are benefited from the launch of Jio then let me tell you the benefits. Reliance Jio free offer gain soo much popularity within a short time and every users staring switching from their current network to Jio network. That unexpected shift cause other telecom comanies to lower the price of their current plans and launch new plans that can give competition to jio’s new tarrif plans. So, airtel has launched a new internet plan under airtel 1GB per day plan i.e. airtel 349 plan which is offering unlimited calling whether it is local or STD + 1GB 4G data per day for 28 days.

Airtel 349 prepaid plan is launched with airtel 149 prepaid plan. Both these plan offers free internet and unlimited calling. But in 149 prepaid plan, you will get unlimited airtel to airtel free calling and 300 MB 4G internet data whereas in airtel Rs 349 prepaid plan, you will get airtel to airtel free calling + unlimited local and STD calling and 1 GB 4G data per day for 28 days.

You will get 1 GB 4G data per day if you are a using 4G handset users otherwise you will get only 50 MB data. Airtel unlimited calling plan is available for airtel prepaid customers only. So, to activate airtel 349 prepaid plan follow the steps below.

Airtel 349 Plan Details :-

  • Unlimited local + STD calling
  • 1GB 4G data per day i.e. 28GB 4G data
  • Available for airtel prepaid customers only.
  • Valid for 28 days
  • Available in these states – Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chennai, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mumbai, North East, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, UP – East, UP – West, West Bengal.

Till now, we have provided you every single detail you need to know about airtel 349 plan and now we are going to guide you how to activate this plan on your mobile number.

How To Activate Airtel 349 Prepaid Plan :-

Note – The price of this pack may vary from state to state. So, you must check the price of this pack in your state before activating this pack.

1) Go to Offer Page

2) Select your region

3) That’s it. You will see the price of the pack in your state.

Airtel 349 Prepaid Plan

4) Now go to Airtel Website

5) Click on “Pay & Recharge”

6) Click on “Recharge” > “Prepaid”

7) Enter your mobile number ad select the pack

8) Proceed to payment page and select suitable payment option

9) Pay the amount and complete your transaction.

That’s it. Your airtel unlimited calling plan will be activated soon and you will get airtel to airtel free calling + unlimited local and STD calling + 1 GB 4G internet per day for 28 days.

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78 thoughts on “Airtel 349 Prepaid Plan – Unlimited Local And STD Calling + 28GB 4G Data

  1. vinod says:

    I Just gave a call to Hyderabd Airtel cutsome care, the agent said that Airtel 349 unlimted plan is actually a limited plan. In a week airtel is giving only 1200 minutes free, post 1200 mins A to A 10p min and A to Other networks 30p min. Assuming that 349 plan is really unlimited, i have ported in to Airtel from Vodafone, trusting Airtel was a big mistake. Airtel can never provide unlimited offer. Airtel sucks!!!!!!

  2. Nagaraja Emmadi says:

    What about roming with Rs 349 plan? this is a fraud case….no calls in roming both incomin and outgoing. ….very bad experience. …

  3. Tarun tiwari says:

    Yes airtel is a big fraud company. In fact they have not a standard of giving free local n std calling. They always bluff the customers. They say the plan is unlimited but actually the plan is limited. After completing 1200 min in a week they charge on any of your call. While in airtel app it is clearly written that plan 349 gives free local n std calling.

  4. Pradeep says:

    Yes Airtel 349 plan is not valid on roaming but Airtel people never make this publicly. I just recharged 349 through Airtel App and every time I make a call, I am charged. What is the meaning of unlimited calls ?

  5. arijeet says:

    Don’t belive any plan because airtwl ia totally fraud ….i’m also recharge but now not working aftr 3 to 4 days …..dont make the recharge guys….

  6. Harith says:

    Hello Good Evening Everyone,
    First these people Said that 349 plan is for Unlimited LOCAL and STD CALLS IN INDIA to any Network + 3GB Data Free For 4G Mobiles.
    But After Recharging These people are making fools. if We Contact them they says that 3GB free Only for New 4G Handsets.
    But while we do Recharge I won’t show that New 4G Handsets. Don’t SWITCH to AIRTEL.

  7. ravindra tripathi says:

    Airtel making full to customer. 349 plan is totally cheating with customer. They say unlimited but it is limited plan. My experience is very bad.

  8. Syed Zia Ul Haq says:

    Don’t believe any plan because airtel totally fraud ….i’ m also recharge but now not working after 3 to 4 days ….. don’t make the recharge guys…. my suggest to all prepaid customers of airtel go other network because airtel is totally fraud

  9. Soubhagya K says:

    Totally fraud company because – Airtel 349 Prepaid Plan – Get Unlimited Local And STD Calling + 1GB 4G Data,but after recharge they are provide only 2.5 hour perday

  10. yogesh says:

    Thanks Guys for your valuable commnents :

    I have bought new iphone and thought of recharging 349 plan.
    Now I have decided to go to portability to vodafone.

    Airtel really sucks 🙁

  11. Shiva M says:

    wotst Company in this world is Airtel… a Big Fraud company and fully fake news for increasing customers. i was reached Rs.349 on 07th march 2017. plan is activated but from 3 days i am not getting 3G or 4G network to my sim. They have given only 2G speed for this plan so friends please do get Airtel sim its waste of money and time and everything….. I really fed up with Airtel. and i tried to call customer care and get worst responce from them……

  12. vicky says:

    Airtel is the biggest ******* banao telecom provider, it only has one thing , big ads to continue its ****** banao business, ab airtel ko band kar dena chahiya apna dhanda.

  13. K C says:

    I recharged for 1 GB 3G data and even before updating my antivirus I saw my net pack was over…. I got shocked….The speed was superb and your wallet also will get superb emptied like the airtel net speed as you keep on recharging the net pack……. so friends decides it properly before getting the new plan.

    Network connectivity——–excellent
    network strength_________excellent
    Internet speed—————-excellent

    BUT if you are looking for Internet connection with money-saving I don’t suggest Airtel.

  14. ashly says:

    actually its such a nice offer..but in the message i recieved it says if u recharge before march 31 ,we get the offer for one year?is it true?

  15. suryaChandu says:

    Wrong information about 349 Plan,Time/Money Wast Don’t believe air-tel Because It not providing for previous existing customers as best offers_ Complaint Against 349 Plan My Ph:09000615752

  16. shivani says:

    *BIG FRAUD* Fraudulent company in the world guys I had recharged Rs 349 in yesterday Unlimited calls + 4G 28 Gb data for 28 days but today no calls are being made to any number. It’s all Bullshit Airtel company Now I am porting my number in Vodafone.. so please guys Do not waste your money.

  17. sudhakaran says:

    Yes i too got this problem. Really airtel is fraud now am experience.Cheating idiots,Planning to switch to other network.

  18. Ranjith says:

    Please complain in the consumer rights forum …. Airtel will be paying fine for cheating customers as they provided limited information on display with terms like free calling unlimited and 4g -1gb data

  19. Dari says:

    YES!! airtel is totally a fraud company, I recharged with 349 to get 1Gb per day but I got 1gb just for once n not per day, means they are charging 349 for 1 GB, what a liar!!

  20. Balan says:

    They haven’t mentioned anywhere about 1GB Data free for 4G Handset.
    3G Handset get only 50 MB.
    Please Don’t recharge 349 Plan.

  21. Sandeep Bhardwaj says:

    I recharged my prepaid no. 349rs. AirTel said unlimited calls,but they are charging for every single call.
    JIO is better then AirTel. I was thinking to port in to JIO.

  22. Subodhkumar Tiwari says:

    I recieved message after recharge of Rs.349. I will get 28GB data but got only 1 GB. Total fraud company

  23. Raymond says:

    I just switched to airtel from bsnl. I wud have escaped if I had noticed ur comments earlier. Ok any how let me wait and see how it works.

  24. Dr.sabya says:

    Ppl trusting blindly on airtel are really blind enough thatswhy they are still using airtel. Thanks god we got eyes so we better judge that airtel not good at all. In so many years neither any single benefit to old customers nor any unlimited offers. Airtel is Just like railway ticket reservation counter,you just get ticket, no offer & nothing. These ppl are simply called “PADHE LIKHE BEWAKOOF”

  25. Xyz says:

    This is really horrible Balance got deducted even after recharge of 349.No free calling for both local or STD
    They gonna fools the customer.

  26. Alok says:

    Airtel say that per day 1 GB data for 4 g phone but it never happened with after 2 days . Big fraud company and network is very week for 4 G. JIO is far better. Airtel is sister concern company of Singtel Singapore

  27. Merlin says:

    I recharged for this plan through phone and its been 24hrs and still didn’t get activated. How long will it take??
    I’ve put a mail to customer thrice and still no reply..

      • Merlin says:

        The airtel team itself called and my paln got activated. I even got a message that its activated.
        But still its charging me when i make calls. why? Whats the point of activating this plan paying 349?
        The customer care number isn’t taking me to the right department when i can complain.

  28. Navin Sajan says:

    Airtel is playing with people’s emotions here. I had done a rs349 recharge thinking 1 gb per day data limit. But they have made the 1 gb data per day a variable factor- meaning, depends on your number. If you are lucky enough, you will get a 1 gb data limit. If not its 1gb for 28 days.

    I have been an airtel customer for past 7 years and dont understand why i have not been given this offer of 1 gb per day. Also, the SO CALLED UNLIMITED CALLS IS NOT UNLIMITED. They cap it at 1200 minutes(not sure) per week. Plus a lot of restrictions wrt to the number of unique numbers that you call. So a lot of ifs and buts and conditions apply.

    PERSONAL OPINION- Switch to some other network. Airtel does not deserve loyal customers like us! Dont fall prey to the gimmicks from airtel!

  29. Paranthaman says:

    recharged for 349 n got unlimited calls n 1 gb data for past 3 days it was 1gb only now my data got over but I am unable to check the data balance my data network also very slow.. I thought of calling customer care n ask about the things but only recorded voice come i want to talk to customer care executive but it’s not possible, wat we do

  30. Rajveer Sharma says:

    no comparison with jio…
    Jio has unlimited call to any network not like only airtel to airtel.
    4G data speed is slow even in handset & with myfi.
    I have both connection airtel mifi & sim.

  31. Priya says:

    Thanks for these feedbacks. I too dropped of activating it. Soon I port my card in other network, coz it’s calling charges are also too high compare to other networks and that too with limited offers.

  32. Vishnu says:

    Airtel fraud company

    ‘Commercial Use’ in case of~149 means any use which is in excess of (a) 3000 minutes (Local/STD of A2A Mobile) in a rolling 28 day period or 1200 minutes (Local/STD of A2A Mobile) in a rolling seven (7) day period or 300 minutes (Local + STD of A2A Mobile) in a single day, whichever is earlier, or (b) 100 unique MSIDNs in a rolling seven (7) day period.

    ‘Commercial Use’ in case of ~349 means any use which is in excess of (a) 3000 minutes (Local/STD calls) in a rolling 28 day period or 1200 minutes (Local/STD calls) in a rolling seven (7) day period or 300 minutes (Local + STD call) in a single day, whichever is earlier, or (b) 100 unique MSIDNs in a rolling seven (7) day period.

    After recharging my number only i have seen this

    Refer this link guys:

  33. Rihan says:

    Airtel sucks… fraud and u people show fake ads.. i have recharged with 349 on 23 march and its not showing at all in my airtel transaction history and today on 1st april my data pack shows as zero.. are u nuts guys.. where is my money gone and where is my pack gone???

  34. Annasweta says:

    I had recharged for the same 1gb per day plan for 28 days for the next one year… Surprisingly i am getting the message that after 1gb is over u will charged some 2-4 pause above it…The question is what is the time your next 1gb comes into effect? @12 midnight? Looks like even i am fooled with this scam. I will kick their asses today in their own gallery.

  35. uday says:

    Can u explain clearly about this plan 349. there is a lot of confusion with this plan. that plan is not unlimited.

  36. monisha says:

    i have recharged for 349 rs..i am getting unlimted calls but i cannot connect to 4g.. i am getting only 2g that to sometimes…what is the reason behind this..whether i have to chane any setting in my phone?

  37. Zirsk says:

    Whats the meaning of unlimited call, i cant used even for a single call…. ill never recharge airtel offer… its all fake…

  38. Danu Lachyan says:

    Very worst service from airtel…I hve trusted a lot..but the network disappointed me with fake plans…airtel is only money minded…they were least bother about customer….airtel guys each paisa is important to public….please dont play with there money….u will be no were in the market..

  39. Y Rama Mohan says:

    I request TRAI or the authority concerned to take stern actions against Airtel or any other service provider who are cheating customers like this. I am also a victim to Airtel Rs 349 prepaid plan. Oh, god, who will help?

  40. atu says:

    On 12 of april i recharged by Rs 349 but no internet connection till now……i already informed the authority but nothing happened… is the worst ….

  41. manu says:

    Site this reviews are more than enough. If you want live in competitive world be act Frank other wise fuck offfff. Please don’t cheat your trusted customers…If you are unable to face ZIO please leave from market

  42. Ria says:

    I got 349 balance last month but for the next 3 months i will be out of india so i wont get it done if i get the balance after 3 months will be same offer continue ?

  43. Sreenivas Reddy says:

    Best at fraud …Worst Airtel…I did 349 recharge and went to another state… Unable to make any calls…. Better to trust jio….

  44. shakir says:

    recently i’ve recharged with airtel’s 346 plan but i am unable to make any voice call whereas i can use data. please tell me what to do .. i’ve a 4g handset along with a 4g sim card.

  45. Lalthanpuii says:

    I Recharge on 8974796646 with my Offer Rs.349 and no data working from the second day of my recharge….Please Help

  46. Jayaram Pandy Vellaiah says:

    Airtel is a fraud company. They are making people stupid because of there advertisement.
    They are saying 1gb per day clearly,similarly regarding calls why can’t they say the specific min of free calling in a day.
    We can get airtel signal in most of the corners good service
    but similarly they should make people aware about roaming charges, then they are charging money for roaming then how is it comes free. It is such a fraud company.
    They are not hiding 1gb per day
    Why they are hiding the free call minutes to customers.

    Airtel is a worst fraud company. They only need money instead Jio has open statement .even though there service is poor they are trustable .
    These airtel people thought they are brilliant
    Soon changes will come.

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