Airtel 399 Plan V/s Jio 309 Plan – Which one is better ? Check Here

Airtel 399 plan v/s jio 309 plan – Hello guys, today we will compare airtel 399 plan which relaince jio 309 plan and find out which one is better or more beneficial. Well, both these plans are giving head to head competition to each other but we are going to find out which of these two plans is better.

airtel 399 plan v/s jio 309 plan

Recently, Jio has launched Jio dhan dhana dhan offer in which they have launched two plans i.e. Jio 309 plan and Jio 509 plan. So, in reponse to jio dhan dhana dhan offer, airtel has also launched two plans i.e. airtel 399 plan and airtel 244 plan. Both telecom companies are trying to make their plans better than others.

Today, we will be comparing two plans of nearly same price i.e. airtel 399 plan and jio 309 plan. Before start comparing, we are going to tell you that what type of services you will get in both plans and their validity.

In airtel 399 plan, Airtel is offering unlimited local & STD calling to any network + 70GB 4G internet data i.e. 1GB 4G data per day and the validity of this plan will be 70 days.

In Jio 309 plan, Reliance jio is offering unlimited local & STD calling to any network, 84GB 4G data i.e. 1GB 4G data per day, 100 local & STD SMS daily, free susbcription to Jio apps for 84 days. You will also get free national roaming in jio.

Airtel 399 plan V/s Jio 309 Plan according to plan :-

ServicesAirtel 399 PlanJio 309 Plan
Unlimited local & STD CallingNot unlimited (reason is mentioned below the table)Yes 
4G data70GB 4G data84GB 4G data
Local & STD SMS 100 SMS daily
Free susbcription to appsFree susbcription to jio apps
Validity70 Days84 Days

* Local & STD Calling in Airtel is not unlimited ?

Yes, you had red it right in the table above. Airtel says that they are giving unlimited calling but actually it’s not true because airtel plans have some terms & conditions and in airtel 399 plan, they are offering just 3000 minutes and after that you will be charged for making calls while reliance Jio is offering unlimited calling to any network without any limit or anything.

Airtel 399 plan V/s Jio 309 Plan according to services :-

We have compared the benefits that are offered in each pack but there are other reasons too that are still to be compared. As you know, we have faced many issues with reliance jio like call not connecting, slow internet speed etc but jio has tried their best to increase customer satisfaction by improving their services but still the issues have not been resolved properly and sometimes users still face those problems. While airtel services is considered as one of best services offered by telecom companies. There are no problems like call not connecting etc and even airtel 4G coverage is way better than reliance jio.

But Jio is working hard to increase their 4G coverage by installing Jio tower in rural India so that Jio network will be available in every state in India.

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Conclusion :-

In airtel 399 plan v/s jio 309 plan, we have compared every aspect of both plans and services that are offered by both telecom companies and on the terms of services, airtel is better than Jio but on the terms of packs, Jio is better than airtel.

As we knew that Jio is still improving day by day and jio won’t take too long to fully improve their services and also jio is offering more benefits like 100 SMS daily and free national roaming that are not available in airtel 339 plan.

At last, Jio 309 plan can be considered better than Jio airtel 339 plan. If you still have any query then feel free to comment below.

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