Airtel 899 plan – Airtel doubled internet plan speed to 4 MBPS

Airtel 899 plan, airtel impatience broadband plan – Airtel has doubled the speed of their broadband plans with any extra cost. Now you will get double internet speed on the same broadband plan that you are using right now.

Airtel 899 impatience plan is a unlimited plan in which you are already getting unlimited internet + unlimited calling but now airtel has made this broadband plan more beneficial by increasing it’s speed without charging a single rupee.

Airtel 899 broadband plan or airtel 899 plan is a unlimited plan and you may be thinking that you can use internet @ 4 MBPS speed for the whole month but it’s not true. Airtel has set a FUP usage on 899 broadband plan. FUP (Fair Usage Policy) means the limit set by the company till you get high speed and after crossing that limit your internet speed will be reduced according to the plan you have been subscribed to.

In this plan, you will get internet speed @ 4 MBPS till 6GB data and after using 6GB internet data, your internet speed will be reduced and you can use internet @256 KBPS speed.

Airtel’s double broadband speed offer is available for few cities only i.e. Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. We will update more citites here once airtel makes this offer availbale for more users living in different citites.

Here is the full details of airtel 899 impatience plan :-

Airtel 899 Plan

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