BSNL Loan Number – How to get BSNL talktime loan

Are you searching for BSNL loan number or BSNL USSD codes to take talktime loan? If yes, then you are at right place. Here, we will guide you step by step how to take talktime loan in BSNL or how to take internet data loan in BSNL by sending an SMS.

BSNL loan

If you knew BSNL loan number that you can save yourself from awkward situations when you need to make a urgent call but you don’t have balance in your sim. At that time, everyone feel helpless. But not now, as you can dial BSNL USSD code or send SMS to get talktime loan from BSNL and you can come out from the awkward situations without any worries.

To get loan from BSNL simply follow the steps below.

How to get BSNL loan :-

Well, other telecom companies offers loan to their customers in two ways i.e. BSNL talktime loan and BSNL data loan but BSNL doesn’t provide internet data loan to its customers as they only provide talktime loan.

So, now we are going to tell you how to take BSNL talktime loan by simply sending an SMS from your mobile number.

How to get BSNL talktime loan :-

Before I tell you how to get BSNL loan, I must tell you to conditions and requirement for taking loan from BSNL. Yes, you heard it right. BSNL doesn’t provide loan to every person. You must fulfill some basic conditions to become eligible for getting BSNL talktime loan. These are the conditions of BSNL :-

Conditions :-

  • Your balance must be below Rs 2.
  • You must not have any pending loan.
  • You are using BSNL connection more that 3 months.
  • You are using BSNL prepaid connection.

So, these are the conditions that you must fulfil to become eligible for BSNL credit or loan. If you fulfill these conditions then simply follow the steps below to get loan from BSNL.

Steps :-

1) Open “Messages”

2) Type – “CREDIT

3) Send it to “53738

4) That’s it. Now wait for few minutes and you will get BSNL loan on your mobile number. You will get Rs 10 talktime as loan.

So, you got loan from BSNL? Now do you know how to return the amount that you have taken on loan? Don’t worry it is very simple. Just keep reading.

How to clear BSNL loan :-

You always give back the amount you have taken on loan from other person or banks and same condition applies with BSNL. As you need to return the amount that you have taken on loan from BSNL. In case of telecom companies, you just need to recharge your mobile number and BSNL will deduct the amount automatically with interest.

Other telecom companies, deduct interest while deducting loan amount but BSNL do not deduct any interest on loan if you repay the loan within 24 hours. If you didn’t pay the loan within 24 hours then you will be charged Re 1 as charges.

Loan Payment Charges
Within 24 hoursNo charges
After 24 hoursRe 1 will be charged as interest

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Conclusion :-

I have covered every details regarding BSNL loan and how to take BSNL talktime loan. If you still have any query then feel free to comment below.

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