ChampCash Refer Id – Get 1$ As Signup Bonus + Earning Tips

Do you want to earn money by sitting at home? If yes, then this article is specially for you. Today, we are here to tell you about a new 100% real money making app i.e. champ cash app through which you can earn money in dollars by performing some simple tasks and referring friends. You will also get $1 for free if you register with champcash using champcash refer id or champcash sponsor id. In this article, we are going to provide you every single detail you need to know by champcash free money app.

Champcash refer id or sponsor id

What is ChampCash App All About ?

Champ cash is a 100% real and legit online money making app. This app has been launched on playtstore and right after its launch, this app becomes very popular in a very short time. ChampCash app provides an amazing opportunity to its users through which they can earn real money in bank account by sitting at home. Yes, you can make money in dollars using champcash money free app by completing some simple tasks, downloading apps, watching videos, completing surveys and by referring friends.

This app also gives you dollars in your wallet if you make online shopping at flipkart, amazon, snapdeal and other through ChampCash app. So, champcash free money app helps you to earn money while shopping online.

Best things of this app or the feature through which champcash app becomes so popular all over internet is its commision upto 7 levels. Now, you may be thinking what does commission upto 7 level means ?

Let me tell you the answer, commission upto 7 level means that you can earn money from person referred by your friend and this chain continues till 7 level. Isn’t if exciting ?

So, we have cleared the idea behind earn unlimited money from champ cash app and now we are going to show you how champ cash app workds and how champ cash owners earn money.

How Champ Cash App Works & How they earn money ?

The working of champcash app is very simply. The app owners earn money from advertiser who advertise on their apps and some campaigns. Yes, the apps you are downloading from champcash app helps owners of the app to earn money as they uses various campaigns of various advertisers and for every install, the advertiser pay from amount to the app owners. Owners also earn through affiliates. When you shop online through champcash app then big affiliates network like flipkart, snapdeal, amazon etc. pays some % of the sales amount to the ownser of champcash money free app.

Till now, we have told you what is champ cash app all about, how champ cash app works and how champ cash owners make money. Now, we are going to guide you how to start earn money with champ cash app.

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How to Register with Champcash or Champcash Signup to Get 1$ For Free :-

Refer id or Sponser id = 90320

1) Download Champ Cash App From Here

2) Open the app

3) Click on “Register with champ cash”

4) Now, you need to enter some basic details. So, enter your name, email, DOB (Date of birth), password and mobile number

5) Check “I Accept Terms & Conditions” and click on “Proceed”

6) On the next page, you will be asked to enter champcash refer id of sponsor. Simply enter our refer id or sponsor id – 90320

(Important – You must signup with champcash using champcash refer id of sponsor to get $1 as signup bonus)

7) Click on “Submit” and a popup will comes up asking you for verifying your details

8) Simply click on “Verify”

10) Now you will see this screen with message – “To start earning you must complete the challenge which comes on next screen“.

11) Click on “Accept”

12) That’s it. Your account will be created successfully but to get your champcash refer id and $1 for signup, you must complete the task on the homepage.

13) You need to download 10-12 apps one by one to get $1 for signup and to become eligible for getting champcash refer id or sponsor id.

(Tip – These are not bigger than 10MB so this should be a tough task. But, i suggest you to complete this task properly and after downloading each app, try to use it for atleast 5 minutes.) If you are confused about this task then simply send me message on whatsapp number and i will guide you step by step. – +919991731083

14) After downloading all apps, you will get a message – “Congratulations your challenge is 100% completed. Now click on start button and start inviting your friends to earn unlimited“.

15) Click on “Start” and you will get your champcash sponser id or champcash refer id.

Now, you are ready to earn unlimited money online using champ cash app.

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What is ChampCash Refer Id or Sponsor ID :-

Champcash refer id or champcash sponsor id is a referral code through which you can refer your friends.

How to get your refer or sponsor id :-

1) Click on “Menu” > “Invite & Earn”

2) Copy your referral link and share it with your friends.

3) You will get commision credited in your account after 35 minutes once you friends dowload the app and keep them open for atleast 3-4 minutes while completing the task.

Different Ways or Methods of Earning With ChampCash Free Money Earning App :-

#1 Refer & earn :-

The best earning method is to refer your friends. You can refer unlimited friends and earn money from your direct referral + indirect referral too. If a person referred by our friend earn good amount of money then you will also get a share from his earning. Champ cash app has commission upto 7 levels so you can earn some extra money through indirect referrals or referrals made by your friends.

Here is the clear view of earning upto 7 level :-

  • Level 1 – 50% commission
  • Level 2 – 10% commission
  • Level 3 – 10% commission
  • Level 4 – 10% commission
  • Level 5 – 10% commission
  • Level 6 – 5% commission
  • Level 7 – 5% commission

#2 Champ cash Income Junction :-

Income junction is a new feature that is added recently in champcash app. In this menu, you can earn money by completing survey, completing offers and watching videos. You will get this service free to first 15 days and after that you will need to upgrade it to pro version and you will get pro version for life time for just 1 time investment with a small amount i.e. $10-$13.

#3 Champ cash Shop & Earn :-

Shop & earn allows users to earn money while shopping. Yes, you can earn money while shopping online at flipkart, amazon, snapdeal etc and you will get some amount of money credited in your champcash wallet after your every successfully order. You will also earn commission if your referred friend makes online shopping through champcash app.

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How Much Can I Earn From Champ Cash Monthly ?

Well, you can earn as much money as you want. Some users are more than 1 lakh per month and if they are earning well then why can’t you. You just need to focus you efforts and boom, you will start earning well.

For example – Suppose You Have Team of 5000 Persons upto 7 levels and if 5000 persons installs 2 apps per week And if You gets Rs. 1 Per Person then You can Earn Rs. 10,000 Per week Very Easily.

  • Apps Per Week : 2
  • Team : 5000 Persons
  • Earning Per Person (Eg) for 2 Apps: Rs 2
  • Income Per Week : 5000×2 = Rs 10,000
  • Income Per Month : Rs. 40,000

Champ Cash App Unlimited trick 2017 :-

We will update champcash unlimited trick soon.

Champ Cash Money Redemption Methods :-

You can redeem your credits in your bank account or for free mobile recharge or for flipkart gift voucher.

Redemption MethodMinimum Amount
Free mobile recharge Rs 10
Flipkart gift voucher $9
Bank Transfer $10

If you have reached minimum redemption method of your choice then follow the steps below to redeem your credits.

How to Redeem money :-

1) On the homepage of the app, click on “Menu” > “Redeem”

2) Click on “Choose withdrawal option”

3) Select the redemption method

4) Click on “Redeem”

5) Enter your details

6) That’s it. You will get free recharge or flipkart gift voucher or money transferred in bank within few hours.

Proof that Shows Champcash free money app is Legit :-

ChampCash Legit Proof

Final Words :-

So, we have covered every single details that you should know about champ cash money free app and how to earn money with champ cash app. If you still have any kind of issue or problem then feel free to comment below.

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