Folksy India – Buy Digital T-Shirt Virtual Stock And Earn Rs 300 Per Month

Folksy India’s first manufacturing retail company which is allowing users to earn money per month by simply buying virtual stock. You can earn Rs 300 per month by buying digital T-Shirt virtual stock. In this article, we will provide every single detail you need to know about this folksy money earning offer.

Folksy India

Previously, we have told you everything about folksy india and how it works. We have also told you that it is a investment based company so to earn money with folksyIndia, you need to invest your money in it by buying a virtual stock of the products manufactured by them.

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Now you may be wondering that what it virtual stock? Right ? Don’t worry as now we are going to tell you every single detail about it.

What is virtual stock ?

Well, you must have heard about virtual cards, virtual stock is same as virtual card. While creating virtual cards, you get only card number and other details but you don’t receive or generate a physical card as it is just a card created online which can be used online only. Same applies in the case of virtual stock as in virtual stock, you can order stock online but you won’t receive stock at your home or address. You will get all types of details about the products that you have in your virtual stock but you are not going to receive anything at your home.

Folksy India allows users to invest in their company by purchasing virtual stock and they will send Rs 300 in your bank account every month for lifetime. Yes, you can earn Rs 300 in bank for lifetime by investing Rs 2400 in folksy India.

As I already told you, you need to buy 10 pcs virtual stock of digital T-shirts which will cost you around Rs 2400 and after investing money, you will start receiving Rs 300 in your bank account per month for life time.

So, if you are interest in their folksyIndia idea of earning money then follow the steps buy to the virtual stock online.

How To Buy Virtual Stock From FolksyIndia :-

1) Go to FolkyIndia Investment Plan Details

2) Select the plan in which you want to invest

3) Click on “Buy Now”

(You don’t need to pay anything. By clicking on “Buy Now”, you are just registering yourself.)

4) Enter your details and click on “Send”

5) Now you will receive a call from them and they will explain the whole process to you.

6) If you are interested in folksy India after the interaction with them then you can invest otherwise you can also refuse to invest because it’s you decision and nobody can force you to tak any decision.

Image of the t-shirt that you are going to buy in virtual stock :

folksyindia tshirt

Conclusion :-

We have provided you every detail you need to know about FolksyIndia. Invest in their compnay once and earn money for lifetime. If you still have any query then feel free to comment below.

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