Folksy India – How To Earn Money Online Every Month (Full Guide)

Folksy India franchise program – Today guys today I am here to tell you about a new online money earning way which is 100% trusted and secure. You can earn money every month easily using folksyIndia. In this article, I am going to tell you everything about folksyIndia and how you can earn money from it.

folksy India


Well, we have posted many online money making articles likes flipkart affiliate, Uc union etc and user are earning from these methods every month. Now we are going to share a new method in which you can earn money by making a small investment.

What investment? Well, yes you heard it right. I know by hearing the word online investment, these questions must be coming in your mind :-

  • So we need to invest money online?
  • Is it safe to investment money online?
  • What return will i get from it?
  • What if the company cheats?

I am damn sure that these questions are coming in your mind. But as you know, to earn money online consistently you need to invest somewhere. Now we are going to give you every information you need to knew about Folksyindia and how you can invest in it to earn money per month easily.

What is Folksy India :-

FolksyIndia is India’s first apparels manufacturing company. FolksyIndia is currently manufacturing men’s denims, men’s socks and men’s undergarments. FolksyIndia Brands Limited is the investment and asset based company of Folksy India Group, which has wide experience in franchise development, business expansion, corporate advisory services, consultancy, financial and operational expertise. FolksyIndia has helped thousands of investors in selecting the best opportunity and in turn assisted various products domestic franchise expansions and business development. With its strategically formed divisions, FolksyIndia has created its own niche as the pioneer of franchise industry and small business authority.

So, this is all about the company and now we are going to tell you the whole concept behind earning money with folksyIndia.

How can we earn money from folksy India or what is the concept behind it ?

Well, the concept behind earning money via folksyIndia is very simple. You just need to invest money in the company. Investement money in the company means that you need to buy some of the stock of products that are being manufactured by the company.

Now your reaction will be like – Stock ? Where we are going to keep the stock? How we are going to sell the stock? Am I right?

Don’t worry. You don’t need to do any work like selling or marketing of the products online or offline and you are not going to receive any kind of product at your home for selling purpose or anything. The best part is that you just need to buy the stock and all the work after that i.e. selling, marketing etc will be done by Folksy India.

So, this is the concept behind the folksyIndia money earning method. Now you may be wondering how much money you can earn via folksy India. So, simply keep reading the article as now we are going to share that how much money you can earn via folksy India.

How much money I can earn Via Folksy India :-

FolksyIndia has a condition that you need to purchase minimum 10 quantiy of the product in which you want to invest. And after investing money in it, folksyIndia will manufacture the product and start selling the product in the market whether it is online or offline market. After the whole unit is sold by them, they will keep their % of profit and transfer the remaining amount in your bank account directly.

There are two plans investment plans :-

  • Investment plans worth Rs 2400 in which you will get 15 to 25% profit margin.
  • Investment plans worth Rs 12000 in which you will get 30 to 40% profit margin.

But as I already told you that it is a investment based earning method. So, the more you investment, the more you earn money.

How can I moniture my earning and what is the payout method ?

Moniture my earning :- Well, FolksyIndia is going to provide you a whole dashboard for it where you can check ore moniture everything about the product i.e. when the product is sold and how much profit you have earned from the product.

Payout : Folksy India will transfer money in your bank account every month on 28th directly. You just need to enter your bank details on your dashboard and that’ it.

So, are you interested in earning money via folksyIndia ? and do you want to join them ? If yes, then simply follow the steps below.

How to Join Folksy India To Earn Money Online :-

Don’t worry. You don’t need to buy any plan now. Simply register yourself using the steps below and you will receive a call from them and they will explain the whole working to you. So, if you are interested to invest then you can invest in it otherwise you can also refuse. Nobody is going to force you and atlast it’s your decision.

1) Go to FolkyIndia Investment Plan Details

2) Select the plan in which you want to invest

3) Click on “Buy Now”

(You don’t need to pay anything. By clicking on “Buy Now”, you are just registering yourself.)

4) Enter your details and click on “Send”

5) Now you will receive a call from them and they will explain the whole process to you.

6) If you are interested in folksy India after the interaction with them then you can invest otherwise you can also refuse to invest because it’s you decision and nobody can force you to tak any decision.

Folksy India Contact Details :-

Address :- 862 Block 8 floor 6th Chanakya Puri, New Delhi

Contact Number : 011-30010159 (9:00 AM to 6:00PM)

Email address : [email protected]

(Saturday & Sunday closed)

Conclusion :-

So, this is all about earning money via folksy India. Well, it’s the invesment based earning method so it’s you decision whether you want to invest or not. If you still have any query then feel free to comment below.

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