Is offering free Jio DTH Service for 6 months? Check here

Is offering free jio DTH service? We are going to answer this question in this article. As you already new that there are lot of rumors on social media i.e. Jio DTH is launched and you can get free 6 months of Jio DTH services by registering through generatewish website. In this article, we are going to tell you that is generatewish website is genuine or not.

Well, many of the users have received a message in their groups that Jio is offering free 6 months Jio DTH service if you register for Jio DTH service via Lot of users have tried to register through them but let me tell you that neither they are going to receive any DTH service benefits nor they are getting jio DTH connection.

Yes, you heard it right. The claim which is made by generatewish website is not true and the news that “Get 6 months free jio DTH service by registering through generatewish” is completely fake.

Is offering free Jio DTH service for 6 months ?

The answer is no. Here are the reasons.

Reasons :-

  • There is no annouched made by officials on twitter or any other social media regarding Jio DTH service launch.
  • Official website of Jio i.e. doesn’t have any information about Jio DTH launch.
  • Do you really think that Jio is going to start registeration of Jio DTH through a newly launched website named
  • No official website is going to tell you that you need to share this website with 5 friends on whatsapp to make Jio DTH registeration.

Why generatewish is claiming that they are offering free Jio DTH service ?

From my point of view, they are doing this just to get popularity.

Now, we have told you the real truth behind generatewish.

Tip :- Don’t give your personal details to any website that is offering benefits to you for free.

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