Idea balance transfer USSD code – Transfer balance from Idea to Idea

Are you searching for Idea balance transfer trick or method to transfer money from idea to idea? If yes, then I can finally say that your search for idea to idea money transfer trick is over as in this article, we are going to guide you how to transfer balance from idea to idea easily.

Idea balance transfer

Idea balance transfer service is very beneficial for idea users and it can save you from lot of problems. This trick is as simply as dialing a number. You just need to dial a USSD code from your mobile number and enter the amount to be transferred and the mobile number on which you can to transfer the amount and your idea balance will be transferred to another idea sim instantly.

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Well, there are some conditions that you must meet to become eligible for transfer balance from idea to idea. These conditions are :

Conditions :-

  • Send must be using Idea sim for atleast 90 days.
  • Receiver must be using idea sim from atleast 30 days.
  • The amount to be transferred must be in these number 5, 10, 20, 50, 100.
  • You can transfer balance just 3 times a day.
  • You cannot transfer balance from idea to airtel or transfer balance from idea to vodafone or to any other operator.

Now, I am going to tell you how to transfer money from idea to idea using USSD code.

Steps for Idea to Idea balance transfer using USSD code :-

1) Open your smartphone’s dialer

2) Dial *567*<phone_number>*<amount to be transferred>#

For example – *151*9991731083*50#

3) That’s it. Your money will be transferred to another idea mobile number within few minutes.

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So, it’s good that you have learnt how to transfer balance to another Idea sim but do you think that this balance transfer trick is free? Well, if you think yes then you are living in an imaginary world because not everything is free in this world. Yes, Idea will charge some amount for transferring balance. Now, I am going to tell you what are the charges that you need to pay for Idea balance transfer service.

Charges :-

For all money transfer transactions, you will be charged Rs 2 per transaction unlike vodafone where you need to pay according to the transfer amount.

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Conclusion :-

So, this is all about transferring money from Idea to idea and we have covered every detail that you need to know before transferring money from Idea to Idea. If you still have any query then feel free to comment below.

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