Jio 4G Voice Not Configuring ? Learn How to Configure Jio 4G Voice App Properly

Jio 4G Voice not configuring, Jio4Gvoice offline issue, how to configure jio 4g voice app, jio 4G voice not working – Hello guys, Jio4Gvoice app is helping lot of users to make free calls using their non-VoLTE supported handsets. But many users are facing problems using Jio 4G voice app and in this article we will guide you how to configure Jio 4G voice app properly and how to encounter problem if jio 4g voice not configuring.

how to configure jio 4g voice


Jio 4G voice app is very important app for non-VoLTE supported mobiles phones users because they can’t make any calls using Jio sim on their handset and to configure or enable Jio sim, you must tele-verify your mobile which can only be don using jio 4g voice app. So, the configurations of Jio 4G voice app becomes a need for the users.

So, you are unable to configure jio4gvoice app ? Don’t worry as we are going to tell you how to configure jio 4g voice app properly and make unlimited HD voice and video calls using reliance jio sim.

How to Configure Jio 4G Voice App :-

1) Download Jio 4G voice App From Playstore

2) Firstly go to “Setting” in your android device

3) Click on “Sim Cards” > “Reliance Jio Sim” > “APN (Access Point Names)”

4) Click on “New APN”

5) Set name as “ERT” and set “APN” as “jionet”

6) Make is default APN.

7) Now enable your cellular data on your smartphone

8) Open Jio4gvoice app

9) Wait for few minutes and let the app registers you automatically.

10) That’s it. You jio 4g voice app will be configured sucessfully.

11) To activate your jio sim, simply dial ‘1977’ using jio 4g voice app

12) After the call is connected, you will be asked to enter your aadhaar card number. Simple enter last 4 digits of your aadhaar card and your jio sim will be activated within few minutes.

Jio 4G Voice Not Confirguring ?

There are several reasons that you are not able to configure jio4G voice app. These are the problems and their solutions.

Not a working internet connection?

The first reason that you are not able to configure jio4gvoice app is the internet connection. Jio4Gvoice app works only on an activate internet connection. So, you must have an activate internet connection while configuring 4g voice app. If you don’t have any activate internet connection on your Jio sim then Jio 4g voice apps will shows offline.

Not selected correct APN ?

Before your jio sim is activated, your mobile device is using the APN of sim card you have used previously. So, you need to edit the APN before configuring jio 4g voice app.

How to remove Jio 4G voice offline issue ?


Method 1 :-

If jio 4g voice not configuring then follow this method :-

1) Insert the reliance jio sim in sim slot 1

2) Click on “Settings” > “Sim Cards” > “Networks”

3) Click on search network automatically

4) Open the 4g voice app and that’s it . Jio 4G voice app will start working fine.

Method 2 :-

If jio 4g voice not configuring then follow this method :-

1) Open Jio4GVoice App or Jio Join app

2) Click on “:” icon on the top right of the app

3) Click on “Settings”

4) Now again click on “Settings”

5) Scroll down to the bottom and you will see option to enable or disable Jio4GVoice services. Simply disable it.

5) Wait for 10-20 seconds and enable it again.

6) That’s it. Your Jio4Gvoice app will start working again.

Method 3 :-

If jio 4g voice not configuring then follow this method :-

1) If you are facing jio4gvoice app offline error then simply turn on the airplane mode on your smartphone.

2) Wait for minimum 1 minute

3) Enable the airplane mode again

4) After getting signals of Jio network, enable your cellular network

5) Open jio4gvoice app

That’s it. Jio4gvoice will start working fine.

Having any queries ? feel free to comment below. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

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7 thoughts on “Jio 4G Voice Not Configuring ? Learn How to Configure Jio 4G Voice App Properly

  1. Sashu says:

    Upto February 26 I enjoyed jio for making calls,system and data. Now can’t make calls I don’t know y this is only my problem, i tried all these methods but still Im not able to make calls. Please rectify this problem.

  2. Sachin singh says:

    I can’t able to use internet on my device and only showing configure jio4G voice.I had also done the summer plan but till no responding.
    Plzz..tell me how I can use internet on my device with sim jio

  3. s roy says:

    I have moto e 2nd generation phone ..I have inserted the Sim in slot 1 but still the Jio network is not available …i m trying to do manual network selection Jio4g its like unable to register ..I have given the proper APN as well is.Jio net..plz help me to activate the same

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