What is Jio Booster Pack ? How To Activate Packs On Jio Mobile Number

Jio Booster Pack or jio packs – Reliance Jio has launched new packs which allows users to boost internet speed after crossing the limit set by the Jio by paying a very small amount. By activating jio packs, users can boost their internet speed after they have crossed the daily 1GB FUP limit. In this article, we will tell you everything about jio booster packs and how to activate them.

Well, we all knew that Jio has welcome is over and now we are availing benefits of Jio new year offer. In jio happy new year offer, Jio has set daily 1GB FUP limit which means that you will start getting just 128 KBPS speed after you have crossed the daily limit.

Accessing internet on slow speed is more painful then having no internet connection. So, reliance jio has launched new jio booster pack through which you can restore your internet speed back to 4G speed by paying some amount. Your speed will be restore to LTE speed till the limit of the pack.

What is Jio Booster Pack :-

Jio booster pack is a new pack launched by Jio through which users can restore their 4G internet speed after crossing the daily 1GB FUP limit. You will keep getting 4G speed until you have used all the data that you have got by activating jio booster packs.

There are two jio booster packs :-

1) Jio Rs 51 booster pack

2) Jio Rs 301 booster pack

Jio Rs 51 Booster Pack :-

In this booster pack, you will get 1GB LTE data for Rs 51 only. The validity of the LTE data will be one day only.

Jio Rs 301 Booster Pack :-

In this booster pack, you will get 6GB LTE data for Rs 301 only. The validity of the LTE data will be 28 days.

Now you may be wondering that how can you activate jio booster packs on your jio mobile number? Don’t worry as we will guide you step by step how to recharge your Jio mobile number.

How To Recharge Jio Mobile Number or Activate Jio Booster Pack :-

1) Download MyJio App From Here

2) Open the app

3) Login or create new account using your jio mobile number

4) Now signin to your account

5) On the homepage of this app, click on “Recharge”

Jio booster Pack

6) Now you will see two options, click on “Booster”

7) You will see two plans i.e. Jio Rs 51 booster plan and Jio Rs 301 booster plan

8) Click on the plan that you want to activate on your Jio mobile number

9) Now you will be redirected to payment page

10) Select suitable payment option

11) Pay the amount and complete your transaction.

That’s it. Your jio booster pack will be activated on your mobile number within few minutes.

Enjoy 🙂

If you still have any query then feel free to comment below.

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8 thoughts on “What is Jio Booster Pack ? How To Activate Packs On Jio Mobile Number

  1. Ravi a says:

    Hai y the 309pack will not active if 149 activated and till the closer of validity it is not applicable this is not fair, you are so advanced right, in that case it is not activate, if, 309 is charged. The new offer u given we taken so earlier offer should close, pls check and do need full

    • Chandan says:

      Hi the jio booster packs are very slow dont know why but its only 150 kbps…i have recharged 6 gb booster pack but the speed is very bad…same as post fup so the only good speed till now i get on jio is the 1 gb daily…booster pack is a waste of money…u can’t get good speed as your daily 1 gb…very bad jio service

  2. Vinyas says:

    After recharging Jio booster my previous plan will cancelled or what my plan is 309. If I recharged with 51 previous plan ??
    If I recharged now Jio booster

  3. Anil says:

    the booster package 51 will add to existign balance or override the existign balance. e.g current balance 400 MB if if one apply booster pkg of 1 GB booster pkg (Rs 51 ) then final balance will be 1GB + 400 MB or only 1 GB

  4. Daleu Hegui says:

    You talk about booster pack (go to Jio. Com) when I enquired about 2GB p/day. on Jio. come, that I recharged for Rs 509.but there’s no offer/no column of 2GB p/day option. I did the recharge as per your advertisement /direction as I need more speed data and more GB. Pls help me out soon. Thanks.

  5. Koki says:

    Well if i do the booster recharge can i use the 6gb data in one day … Or this 6gb will also go as 1gb per day…

    Pls answer because i need upto 10-15gb data in one day for important work…

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