Jio Happy New Year Offer – Jio Extended Validity Till 31st March

Jio Extended validity of jio services by announcing Jio Happy New Year Offer or Jio new year offer or Jio welcome offer 2 – Hello guys, there is a good news for Jio users. As expected Reliance Jio extended validity of jio welcome offer till 31st March 2017 by announcing Jio welcome offer 2 or jio new year offer. This is a very good news for jio users as now you can have unlimited access to internet and unlimited voice calling till 31st March.

Jio Extended Validity

Mukesh Ambani annoucement of Jio happy new year offer or jio new year offer has jio extended validity till 31st March. Yes, you heard it right. As of now you can use jio services for free till 31st March 2017. Reliance Jio has changed the name from Jio welcome offer to Jio happy new year offer because of TRAI’s guidelines.

Reliance Jio Happy new year offer is valid for both new as well as old users. The users who are buying Jio sim after 4th December will get Jio new year offer instead of jio welcome offer and the existing users can use jio welcome offer till 31st December and after 31st December their Jio welcome offer will be converted to Jio New year offer automatically as Jio preview offer was converted to Jio welcome offer.

In reliance jio happy new year offer, users have access to unlimited 4G internet with data cap of 1GB and after using 1GB data, the speed of internet will be reduced to 128 KBPS which will be restored to 4g internet speed after midnight.

Mukesh Ambani annoucement regarding Jio MNP is also a great opportunity for users to switch to Jio network without changing their mobile number. You can also take benefits of Jio Home delivery to get your jio sim delivered at your home.

Why Jio Extended Validity By Jio Happy New Year Offer announcement ?

There may be several reasons for Jio validity extended by Mukesh ambani.

1) They have reached a milestone i.e. 50 Million customer within 3 months and they want to make this number more big.

2) Jio is not able to give true 4G internet experience to its users. So, they have extended the offer as a hope to improve their services and give true 4G internet experience to its users.

There may be more reasons for behind Jio extended validity after Mukesh Ambani announcement.

Difference Between Jio Welcome Offer And Jio New Year Offer :-

There is not much difference between Jio welcome offer and jio new year offer as in both offers you are able to access unlimited 4g internet, unlimited voice calling, unlimited SMS and unlimited access to Jio apps like Jio Join app, Jio TV App etc.

But in Jio new year offer there is limit on data usage as you can use only 1GB data daily at 4G speed and after using 1GB data, the speed of Jio will reduced to 128 KBPS which is restored to normal after 12:00AM daily where as in jio welcome offer, the limited is 4GB data at 4G speed daily.

So, you are still not using Jio services and want to use jio services. Simply follow this guide How to generate jio bar code and after that How to get Jio sim. In case you have faced problems then Reliance Jio activation problems and their solution.

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