Is Jio Really Launching Cab Service After March? Check Here

Jio launching cabs service, jio cabs, jio taxi – Well, there is a latest news on the internet that Jio is now going to give direct competiton to Uber cabs and Ola cabs by launching Jio cab service and the charges of Jio cabs is much less than the price charged by the uber and Ola cabs. In this article we will tell whether they are really going to launch can services or not.

I think now the very market in India while hearing the name ‘Jio’. Yes, jio has already shaked the mobile market and telecom companies and from the sources we came to know that Jio launching cabs services in India which is going to be very cheaper as compared to the Uber cabs and Ola cabs.

A update from factorydaily states that Jio has ordered around 600 cards to start jio taxi service or Jio cabs in India and jio cabs service will firstly launch in south India i.e. Benguluru and chennai and after that it will come in Northern India.

But i questions comes in the mind of everyone that why jio is going is completely different market. Jio has been in telecom market and after that it goes in mobile market. But cabs market is completely different sector.

So, do you think is jio launching cab service? Simply read these statement from official and you will get to know about it.

Is Jio Launching Cabs Service After March ?

Well, the answer to this question is a big NO. From the factors we have mentioned above, it was looking that Jio is actually going to shaked the cabs market untill the official replied to the update from factorydaily.

Yes, the officials i.e. Rohit bansal has replied to this news on twitter.

Here is the reply from Rohit Bansal :-

Is jio launching cabs service

So, by seeing his reply, it becomes official that jio doesn’t have any plans to launch Jio cabs or jio Taxi service and enter in cabs market.

All the news which is trending on internet is fake. It is just a rumor and nothing else.

This is all about Jio launching cabs, jio cabs, jio tax service. If you still have any query then feel free to comment below.

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