Jio Pos Plus App Latest 9.9 1 Version – How To Download Or Update It

Jio Pos Plus App app is a new app which is launched by Jio for retailers. This app is all you need if you want to recharge customer’s mobile number or activate new jio sim purchase by customer. In this article, we are going to provide you every single detail you need to know about this app and how to use this app to recharge customer’s jio mobile number and activate Jio sim.

As you already knew that Jio free offer has been ended and now we all need to recharge our jio mobile number to continue using jio services. There are lot of users that still prefer doing recharge from retail shops rather than online. So, this is a must have applications for retailers as retailers can use this app to recharge the jio mobile number of their customer.

What is Jio Pos Plus App :-

Jio pos app is specially launched for retailers. This app allows the retailers to recharge their customer’s jio mobile number and if a customer purchased a new jio sim from your shop then you can also use this app to activate that jio mobile number by submitting the request in the app.

How To Download Jio Pos Plus Latest Version :-

Latest version – Jio Pos Plus 9.9 1 and here we are going to tell you step by step how to update Jio pos app easily. Well, you can’t download this app directlyas you need to download an agent app i.e. AirWatch Agent first and through that app, you can download jio pos plus 9.9 1 app.

Now, we are going to tell you how to download airwatch app and how to use airwatch app.

How to Download AirWatch Agent App & how to use it :-

1) Download AirWatch App From Here

2) Open the app

3) On the homepage of the app, click on “SERVER DETAILS”

4) Now, you will be asked to enter the server and group ID. Simply enter “” as server and “partners” as group ID.

Jio Pos Plus App

5) Now, app will ask some permissions. Grant all the permissions and proceed.

6) After that, you will be asked to enter your username and password. Enter your username and password and login to your airtwatch app account

7) After successful login, you need to download AirWatch browser through airwatch agent app. To download AirWatch browser, simply click on “Managed Apps”on the homepage of the app.

8) You will see option to download AirWatch Browser. Now tap on the name of the “AirWatch Browser” and that’s it. Airtwatch browser will be download on your mobile phone within few minutes.

Till now, you can complete almost 80% work and you are ready to download Jio pos plus app latest version. Just keep following the steps.

How to Install & Update Jio Pos Plus App To Latest Version (9.9 1 Version) :-

1) Open AirWatch Agent App

2) On the bottom of the app, click on “App Catelog”

3) You will be asked to open the link in any browser. Select default browser or chrome browser

4) Now, you will see the whole list of Jio apps that are available for Jio Retailers and on the top of the list, you will see the Jio pos plus 9.9 1 latest version.

5) Simply click on it and confirm the download.

6) That’s it. The latest version of Jio pos plus app will be downloaded on your mobile number or your old jio pos app will be updated to latest version i.e. pos plus 9.9 1 version.

Jio Pos Plus Latest Version APK Download :-

Here is the link to download Jio pos 9.9 1 version apk. Click here to download

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Final Words :-

So, we have guided you step by step how to download Jio pos plus latest apk easily. If you still have any kind of issue or you are facing any type of problem feel free to comment below. We will help you out ASAP!

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