Is Jio Sending Bills For Jio Welcome Offer On Aadhaar Card Address ? Check its Real Or Not

Is jio sending bills for using jio welcome offer ? Well, you have heard about jio bills news and now you are wondering that do you really need to pay for using Jio welcome offer ? Well here is real truth behind the jio bill new i.e. jio sending bills for using jio welcome offer on the aadhaar card address.

Is Jio Sending Bills Of Using Jio Welcome Offer To Jio Customer ?

As we all knew that Jio welcome offer is free for all users till 31st December and we don’t have to pay a single rupee for using jio welcome offer. But recently there is a news that Jio is sending bills or you have to pay jio sim bill for using jio welcome offer.

A jio customer has said that they has received a jio bill worth Rs 27,718 for using jio welcome offer. The jio bill news worth Rs 27,718 has gone viral on facebook and whatsapp. This jio bill news has been posted by a fake facebook page and it is also written there that the perpetrator is arrested for cheating and fraud.

The name of the customer is Mrs. Ayunuddin Mondal from Kolkata using this mobile number – +917003324437 and the jio bill news also state that if she is not able to pay the jio bill till 20th November then she will be charged Rs 1100 extra as penalty.

From the all aspects of Jio bills i can assure you that you don’t need to worry about the jio bill payment as Jio is not charging a single rupee for jio welcome offer. The jio bill news is fake and here are the reasons why we can call this bill fake.

Reliance Jio Rs 27,718 Bill Is Fake.

Reliance Jio clearly announced that Jio welcome offer is free for all users and they are not going to charge anything. Secondly there is no way that a company can charge Rs 27,718 for using just 554.37 MB internet data. We have even tried calling the number mentioned on the bill many times but the number has been switched off. And the main reason, if the jio is really sending bills then why they are sending it before the validity of jio welcome offer ends.

Image of Jio Fake Bill :-

Is Jio Sending Bills ?

So, from the reasons mentioned above we can state that Jio bills news is fake and the answer of the question – “Is Jio Sending Bills For Using Jio Welcome Offer?” is No.

If you still have any query regarding Jio bill news then feel free to comment below.

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54 thoughts on “Is Jio Sending Bills For Jio Welcome Offer On Aadhaar Card Address ? Check its Real Or Not

  1. neetu awasthi says:

    i am a jio subsciber on reliance LYF set, i too have heard about jio bills … kindly tell me that what is the final date of this welcome offer of jio…..
    kindly tell me the welcome offer validity n lowest jio plan

    I have lost my bill in what way can i manage at service centre as my phone is hanging

  2. Abhee Musale says:

    if you see that amount mentioned on paper of Rs 27,718 its not matching anywhere in paper its clearly visible & that is fake

  3. Provat Mondal says:

    The above 7003324437 jio no is ok and it is ringing going on can u help me about the matter is resolved or not . Any reply from jio team for this type of matter issued.

  4. Alision Swift says:

    I heard that the handset wtih which we can make calls without jio apps are more likely to get jio bill. Is this rumor true?

  5. Chiku says:

    31 मार्च के बाद आएगा जियो का बिल, बैंक अकांउट से खुद कट जाएंगे पैसे,,,,, the new jio bill news,,,, is it crt or nt??????

  6. Saleesh says:

    My father-in-law is getting calls from an unknown number saying that they are calling from Jio billing service.
    This is the number (+917016834976)
    They say that the free offer will be ending from midnight 12. In order to continue the service he has to make payment in some website.

    • Parmeet Bhamra says:

      No. Don’t try to pay them as they will debit all the amount from your bank account. Don’t trust anyone who told you to pay something or you have won a prize or your ATM cards is blocked etc. Be safe.

  7. kalpesh says:

    my name is kalpesh today i received a call from jio and they said i have a bill of 5000 to pay from ph no – +12135298007 otherwise they will send notice to me

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