Jio TV App – Watch TV Online & Stream Upto 350+ TV Channels For Free

Jio TV app, Jio tv apk download, jio tv online – Jio tv allows users to watch Tv online. Now you can stream your favorite serials, movies, cartoons online without paying a single rupee. Yes, JioTV app is free for Jio users till the end of Jio new year offer in which they have promised users that they will give free subscription to Jio apps. There is no hidden cost behind the use of JioTv app. You can watch TV online anytime you want to.

Jio TV App

Are you too busy and keep missing your favorite episodes because you are in office or anywhere except home ? Then Jio TV app is for you. Now you can watch live  TV online without paying anything.

Jio Tv app even allows users to watch episodes or movies that are aired upto 1 week ago. So, if you have missed your show even on JioTV app then don’t worry as you can even watch yesterday episodes or episodes that are aired on TV maximum 1 week  ago by just sliding to right in Jio TV App.

What is your are not a Reliance Jio user ? Then you are not allowed to use Jio TV app. Don’t be sad, as we have another amazing offer for you. You can use Ditto TV app through which you can also watch Tv online. Click here to know more – Ditto TV app.

You can even select any language In JioTV app from the top right of the app. You can select English, hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Bhojpuri etc and you will see those channels that are airing serials or movies in your selected language.

So, now the question arises that how to use Jio TV app in your smartphone. Using JioTv App is as simple as using social networking sites. Simply follow the steps below to use JioTV app.

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How To Download Jio Tv App :-

1) Download JioTV App From Here or download 9Apps From Here and get Jio Tv app apk.

2) Open the app

3) Login with your Jio account

(You have to use that account you have created while signing in to MyJio App)

That’s it.

How To Use Jio Tv App :-

1) On the homepage, you will see lot of channels.

2) Select your channel by scrolling up and down

3) You can use category to find your favorite channel and select your. Simply click on “Category” on the top right of the app and select any one + you can also select your language i.e. on which language you want to watch that particular episode or movie from there.

4) On the homepage, you will see episodes that are currently airing on TV or simply click on “Live”.

5) Swipe right to watch episodes that are aired on TV upto 1 week ago.

6) Swipe left to get information about episodes that are going to be aired on TV.

Here are the special features of JioTv App.

Features of Jio TV App :-

1) Instant access to TV programmes.

2) A wide range of TV channels across languages and genres. Enjoy 350+ TV channels at your fingertips, including 40+ HD channels.

3) Carry your TV in your pockets anywhere and anytime you want.

4) Multi Language supported

5) You can even set reminder for your favorite TV serial or movie.

6) Your can even rewind or forward for 30 seconds on the player.

7) Zero disturbance

8) Watch episodes that are aired maximum 1 week ago.

9) Pause & Play live TV channel

10) The main limited of JioTV app is that you need an active Reliance Jio internet network to use this app.

This is the full guide how to download and how to use JioTV app. So, you want to use this app but don’t have Jio sim ? Don’t worry simply go and get Reliance Jio Sim then follow Jio sim activation process but you must read Jio terms and Conditions before buying it and after that enjoy JioTV app.

If you have any query or facing any problem then simply comment below. We will help you as soon as possible. 🙂

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