Mobikwik Virtual Cards – Pay Online Or Offline (At Retail Stores) With Ease

Mobikwik Virtual Cards – Mobikwik has announced a very beneficial feature for the users i.e. Virtual cards which is going to help users very much in the situation of Demonitisation. Mobikwik virtual card allows users to pay online or offline without sharing their card details with anyone. You can easily pay for your shopping using virtual cards created through mobikwik wallet at any shop which is accepting payment via cards.

Mobikwik Virtual Cards

Many users are facing problems regarding cash due to Demonitisation i.e. ban of Rs 1000 or Rs 500 notes. In this situation people need some alternatives to pay for their daily use products without cash. So, mobikwik has announced new feature through which you can easily pay for your shopping without any cash.

Previously paytm has launched a feature i.e Paytm QR Code through which users can pay using their paytm wallet on shops having paytm QR codes generated for their shops. But as you knew, not all the shops have paytm QR codes so the problems arises for users to pay offline using digital wallets.

Now, mobikwik has encountered the problem very well. Mobikwik also knews that it is very hard to cover every retailers in India and enable payment via mobikwik wallet so they simply announced the feature i.e. mobikwik virtual cards. Now simply add money in your mobikwik wallet and generate mobikwik virtual card and pay at any shops which accepts payment via debit or credit cards.

Mobikwik virtual cards ensures safe transactions as you don’t need to share your debit or credit card details with anyone as the risk of sharing card details is completely eliminated by mobikwik.

Virtual Cards feature of mobikwik wallet will be launched by January 2017 and after launch you can easily pay online or offline stores where the payment is accepted via debit or credit cards.

We will soon add the whole procedure how to generate mobikwik virtual card and how to use it to pay for your shopping.

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