OnePlus 5 Blind Test Contest – Win Oneplus 5 handset, backpacks & accessories

Oneplus 5 blind test contest – OnePlus has launched a new contest in which users can win oneplus 5 handsets, backpacks, accessories vouchers, never settle t-shirts and much more. This is an amazing contest. You can also refer your friends in this contest to increase your chances of winning in the contest.

About OnePlus 5 blind test contest :-

In oneplus 5 stock photo blind test contest, you will see 4 photos on your screen and you need to vote for the one that you think is the best. If you are lucky one then you can will various prizes like vouchers, backpacks, bags and even oneplus 5 handset.

You can increase your chances of winning in oneplus blind test contest by referring your friends in the contest. After signing up, you will get oneplus 5 photo blind test referral link that can be used to refer your friends.

Now, we are going to tell you how to participate in oneplus 5 photo blind test co test and win prizes.

How to participate in Oneplus 5 stock photo blind test contest :-

1) Go to Oneplus Website From Here

2) You will get 2 option i.e. “Vote to win” and “vote now”. Click on any of them.

3) Now you need to login or create new account on oneplus website. You can also login using your facebook account or google+ account

4) You will be signed in successful. Click on “Vote Now”

5) You will find 4 images of same person with different quality. You need to choose the one that you think is the best.

6) Simply click on the image that you think is of best quality

7) Click on “Vote Now”

8) That’s it. If you are lucky enough then you will get prizes like accessories vouchers, bag, backpacks and even oneplus 5 handset.

How to refer friends :-

1) On the homepage of the website, scroll down a bit.

2) You will find an option to invite your friends via facebook or invite your friends via twitter and beneath it, you will find your referral link

3) Copy your referral link and share it with your friends and increase your chances winning in oneplus blind test contest.

Prizes of oneplus 5 blind test contest :-

  • Oneplus 5 launch tickets
  • Oneplus travel backpack
  • Oneplus travel messenger bag
  • Oneplus 5 accessories voucher or coupon
  • Oneplus never settle t-shirts

How to win Oneplus 5 handset from oneplus blind test contest :-

You need to invite your friends and family members. The top three referral in the leaderboard will win oneplus 5 handset. You can check the referral status in the leaderboard section in oneplus website.

Terms & conditions :-

1) The Blind Test is divided into three stages, June 14th to June 16th, June 16th to June 18th and June 18th to June 20th. Participants can vote for the best images and take part in a lucky draw, at all three stages.

2) All lucky draw coupons are valid until June 19th. Post this date, all coupons will expire.

3) The lucky draw entitles participants to coupons (automatically allotted by the system) to be redeemed at Coupons for OnePlus gear can be redeemed on the payment of a mere Rs. 1. Monetary coupons can be redeemed directly at

4) All winners of OnePlus gear and monetary coupons will receive details of respective coupons in their corresponding accounts within a period of 7 working days.

5) Winners who receive the coveted tickets to the OnePlus Launch as a part of the Lucky Draw should ensure that their physical addresses are factually correct, as the tickets will be shipped immediately.

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