Paytm Educate – Teach How To Use Paytm And Win Rs 2100 Paytm Cash

Paytm Educate or – Paytm has started a digital revolution in which paytm users will teach non-paytm users how to use paytm wallet and can win Rs 2100 paytm cash and a certificate issued by paytm. You have to train non-paytm users so that they are able to know every feature of paytm whether it is sending or pay money, receiving money or transferring paytm cash to bank account.

Paytm Educate

As you know due to demonization, the users are left with less cash or having currency change problem so the only choice left to buy daily use products is to use digital wallets like paytm wallet, freecharge wallet etc. Well, mostly all of us has started using digital wallets. Shopkeepers has started accepting paytm via paytm wallet using paytm QR code and users have started paying using paytm wallet.

But the problem arises that what will happen to those who don’t know how to use paytm wallet. So, make paytm has started a digital revolution i.e. paytm educate or paytm education offer in which paytm users have to teach others everything about paytm and paytm will give scholarship worth Rs 2100 to 10,000 users and issue 1 Lakh certificates to the users in every district.

So, do you want to be the part of paytm educate or paytm education offer ? then simply follow the steps below to register and learn what you need to teach to non-paytm users.

How To Register For Paytm Educate Program :-

1) Go to Offer Page (

2) You will see a form. Start entering your details

3) Enter your name, mobile number, email, address, pin code etc correctly and click on “Submit”

That’s it. You have successfully registered for paytm education program.

Paytm Educate Program

How Does Paytm Educate Works ?

1) In paytm education program, you needs to teach how to use paytm wallet to everyone including your family members, friends, neighbours, house-helps, nearby shops, etc.

2) After you have taught everything about paytm to them, you need to send a message to paytm so the they can know that you have enrolled a fellow Indian in the digital cash revolution.

3) Type – “Mobile-number” of the users to whom you have taught and send it to ” “9958025050” using your paytm registered mobile number

For example – “9017221083” to “9958025050

That’s it.  Keep teaching everyone and keep sending SMS to paytm. Paytm will declare results in April 2017 and will give scholarship worth Rs 2100 to lucky 10,000 users and issue 1 Lakh certificates to the users in each district.

What To Teach Users In Paytm Education Program ?

You have to teach tehm how to use paytm wallet and features of paytm wallet. These are the things you need to teach them so that they can use paytm wallet and start using paytm wallet for their purchases.

1) How to download paytm app and how to update paytm app ?

2) How to add money in paytm wallet ?

3) How to do mobile recharge using paytm wallet ?

4) How to pay bills using paytm wallet ?

5) How to send money to another person using paytm wallet ?

6) How to receive money using paytm wallet ?

7) How to transfer money from paytm to bank ?

8) How to use paytm promo code and paytm coupons to get cashback or discount on their transaction ?

So, these are the things that you must teach them and after teaching all these things simply send the message to paytm.

Note – Most Important Thing that you should teach them is that you must teach them how to use paytm without internet so that they can also use paytm wallet without smartphone or without an activate internet connection.

That’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :-

Q1- Can I send multiple numbers in one SMS for tracking?

No, you can only send one mobile no. in an SMS for tracking.

Q2- How do I track how many people I have taught?

Give us a missed call on 7053-111-897, and you will receive an SMS with details of how many people you have taught.

Q3- When will the winners be announced?

Winners in paytm educate or will be announced in April 2017.

Q4- How will the winners be chosen?

We will select winners from each district based on the number and quality of enrollments done by you.

Q5- What will count as a quality enrollment?

We will select whether your enrolled Paytm user has recently become active after you have taught him/her on how to use Paytm.

Terms & Conditions :-

1) INR 2100 scholarship to 10,000 winners and 1 lakh certificates

2) Award will be given in the form of Paytm Cash

3) Winners will be selected for award and certificates based on their work on promoting digital payments, generating awareness about Paytm and onboarding merchants for payments through Paytm

4) Efforts will be made to give scholarship and certificates to atleast 10 winners in each district

5) Result will be announced in April 2017

6) Recommendation from Paytm team with whom winners are working (wherever applicable) and district administration will be taken into account to select scholarship and certificate winners

7) Paytm reserves the right to change terms and condition of award without any obligation to inform in advance.

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