Reliance Jio Sim Activation Problems And Their Solutions

Reliance Jio Sim Activation Problems – Reliance Jio Sim has become dream of the users and everyone wants Jio sim. I have even saw people standing in lines at 2:00PM right under sun to get Reliance Jio sim and i am shocked after seeing them. But even after getting Jio sim from shop there are many problems you may face. So, we will guide you with reliance Jio sim activation process and how to encounter problem you may while activating or after activating Jio sim.

Reliance Jio Sim Activation Process

You can get Jio sim by showing Barcode you have generated but you may face many problems while activating Jio sim or after activating Jio sim. So, you must know the solution to encounter Jio sim activations process and problems.

Here are the solutions of all problems you may face with your Jio sim while Jio sim activation process and after activation.

First of all, we are going to tell you how to can get Jio sim for your 4G Enabled mobiles. As we know Jio sim is available for all 4G device users so you must check out list of jio sim card supported mobile phones.

Reliance Jio Activation Problems And Solutions :-

How To Get Jio Sim And Activate It :-

Requirment :-

  • 4G Enabled Mobile Phone
  • Active Internet Connection
  • Barcode or Coupon code
  • 1 Xerox of Aadhar card includes Identity & Address proof.
  • 2 passport size photos

How To Generate Barcode To Get Jio Sim :-

1) Download MyJio App From Here

2) Open the app

3) On the top of the page, you will see “Jio Welcome Offer”. So, simply select your state and your city and check whether Jio welcome offer is available in your city or not.

4) On the next page, enter your first name, last name and mobile number

5) Click on “Generate OTP” and verify your mobile number

6) Now you will need to download Jio Join app if your mobile doesn’t have VoLTE feature. So, simply download it and install it in your mobile

7) Now open MyJio app again.

That’s it. Your barcode will be generated and you will see your coupon code.

How To Get Reliance Jio Sim :-

1) After you have generated barcode, simply go to your nearest Reliance Digital store or Xpress Mini with 1 xerox copy of aadhar card & 2 passport size photos of yourself.

2) Show the barcode to them and give them your documents with valid email address.

(Note – Don’t forget to give them your valid email address)

3) That’s it. You will get Reliance Jio sim for free.

Reliance Jio Sim Activation Process :-

Well congratulations! for getting your Reliance Jio sim. Now get ready to enjoy unlimited 4G internet + unlimited HD voice & video calling and unlimited SMS till 31st December by activating Reliance Jio Welcome Offer. After getting your Jio sim, you need to follow Jio sim activation guide to activate your Jio sim. Follow the steps below.

1) As jio sim activation process is online, so you will get a Jio sim activation process email from company after getting your Jio sim

2) Follow every instruction from the email you have received

3) Now you will received 2 SMS on your alternative number, one for order confirmation and other for tele-verification

(Note – Second message i.e. SMS about Tele-verification may some hours or even some days. So, keep patience)

4) After receiving these SMS, you simply have to call to tele verify your mobile number.

5) Call “1977” from your Jio sim.

(Note – Users having non VoLTE device may face error like call ended. So, simply check out this post – Enable VoLTE In Every 4G Mobile Phone)

6) After call gets connected, simply select your language and wait for few seconds

7) You will be asked to enter last 4 digits of you aadhar card number.

8) Simply enter last 4 digits and call will be disconnect automatically

9) That’s it. You jio sim will be activated and soon you will receive successful activation message on your Jio sim.

Now have you faced any problem while activating Jio sim or after activating Jio sim then here are the Jio sim activation problem and its solution.

Here are the problems you may face while activating or after activating Jio Sim :-

How To Activate Jio Sim Using eKYC Activation Process ?

eKYC activation process helps you to activate your Jio sim within 15 minutes. You can use eKYC activation process at any reliance digital store, Xpress mini, Modern Trade outlets and prominent multi-brand Jio stores. Sim will be activated within 15 minutes after verification of Aadhar Card. This process is available in major cities for now but soon it will be available all over India.

Sim not activated after receiving order confirmation message ?

If your jio sim is not activated after order confirmation message then your form may be rejected. Reason may be anything like wrong information,  photo is not clear, your mobile number is not linked with aadhar card or anything. After form is rejected, the shop from where you get Jio sim will receive the form with default message on it. Simply remove that default and submit documents again. That’s it. Your Jio sim will be activated.

How To Check Jio Sim Activation Status ?

You can check your Jio sim activation status by contacting Jio Store.

Problem In Jio Sim or Jio Sim Not working

Jio sim may not work in 2 situations.

  • Signal not available in your area
  • Sim isn’t activated

If sim is not activated then wait till sim is activate and after that Jio sim will work for sure.

Jio Sim Not Activated Solution.

Dial 1977 and tele-verify your mobile number to activate Jio sim

“Call Ended” error while make calls from Jio Sim

Jio sim requires VoLTE features to make HD calls. Reason behind this is that your mobile phone have 4G but doesn’t have VoLTE feature. So, your must download Jio Join app (Renamed as Jio4Gvoice app) to make calls through Jio Sim or you can wait until you mobile manufacturer send you an OTA update to enable VoLTE feature in your 4G smartphone.

How Much Time Taken By Company to Activate Jio Sim ?

Time taken by complany to activate jio sim depends on its demand. Sometimes is takes hours or sometimes it takes days. Keep patience.

MyJio app is showing only 2GB data ?

Everyone is getting 2GB data because till now you didn’t activate Jio welcome offer. To get unlimited data you must activate Jio Welcome offer on your Jio sim. To activate Jio welcome offer, simply download MyJio app from playstore and register with your Jio mobile number. Now you will get a popup, simply activate welcome offer and you 2GB data will be converted into unlimited data.

How to  buy or purchase Jio sim online ?

No, you can’t purchase Jio sim online. You must purchase it from the Reliance Digital store or Xpress Mini or Retailer nearby.

How to use Jio sim in 3G Mobile :-

To use Jio sim in 3G mobile checkout this guide – How to Use Jio Sim In 3G Mobiles

Difference Between Jio Welcome Offer and Jio Preview Offer :-

In Jio preview offer, you were getting unlimited 4G data everyday with no capping over data but in Jio welcome offer, you are getting 4GB 4G data everyday and after consuming 4GB data you will start getting 128 KBPS speed.

Sim Not Registered On Network

Go to “Settings” > “Sim Cards” > “Jio Sim Setting” > Select “Preferred Network Type” as 4G. (Steps may vary from device to device)

How To Remove 4GB Data Cap In Jio Welcome Offer :-

No, you can’t remove 4GB capping over data in Jio welcome offer. You will get 4G speed till 4GB data and after that you will start getting speed around 128KBPS. However, on the next day you will still get 4G speed until you use 4GB data on next day and after that speed will be reduced to 128 KBPS.

I have exhausted by 2GB data limit In Jio.

You received 2GB data exhaused message when you keep using Jio 4G internet without activating Jio welcome offer. Don’t worry, you can simply activate Jio welcome offer now. Even if you have exhausted your data, Myjio app will work fine. So, open MyJio app and login or sign up using your Jio sim. You will get a popup to confirm your subscription to Jio welcome offer. Simply confirm it and Jio welcome offer will be activated in your mobile and you will data will be converted to unlimited data.

Sim cards Can be Bought On 1 Id ?

Users are getting multiple sim on their single id. So, yes you can but multiple sim cards.

All Lines Are Busy Error Everytime Calling Through Jio Sim 

This is not your or even Jio company fault. You are facing this error because other telecom companies are dropping calls of Jio sim users. For example – if you are using calling a person having Idea sim then the idea company is dropping call. Yes here is solution of it, you must keep trying calling again and again and after 5-6 attempts your call will be connected successfully.

Jio Customer Care Number 

For any queries, call on 1800-890-1977.

These are the problems you might face while Jio sim activation process or after jio sim activation. If you are facing any other problem then feel free to comment below. We will try to help you ASAP!

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31 thoughts on “Reliance Jio Sim Activation Problems And Their Solutions

  1. amit kumar mishra says:

    in my area dealer is not interested in activating my given sim on Mobil no 7007445458 i submitted two times my document as dealer said i will try to talk many times but problem is not solved

  2. nilesh jain says:

    i m not getting welcome offer pop up on my jio app and data is only 2 gb and talktime is 100 mins . what is alternate method to make it unlimited with welcome offer

  3. shivaji says:

    i have recieved messege your jio sim is ready for tele verification, but sim network is not coming till today… plz solve this problem and help me using jio sim benefits…. and also dealer said sim is now dead…. k plz say anything about this….

  4. Max says:

    I have purchased my jio Sim through eKYC process and I got order confirmation sms after 15 hrs and even after 27 hrs I haven’t got tele verification msg..Why? help me fix this problem plz

  5. Vijay says:

    I got order confirmation 8 days back but haven’t received the televerification sms yet..what does it mean?? Is it possible that my application get rejected or is it because of a huge demand???please tell me

  6. max says:

    I called their customer care and they registered my complaint but even after 3 days no signal or msg for tele verification.Help me should I get new Sim.. will it get activated fast?

  7. max says:

    I called jio care they are not registering my complaint as I have blue Sim why? I am waiting from 3days dor 2nd msg..they say no need for verification for eKYC but still no signal

  8. ilakgiya selvan says:

    i have televerified my jio number 8667473816 but not yet reviced any conformation on activaton after 24hrs when i call again for tele-verfication the computer voice says your number is activated wait for conformation message

  9. Akshay says:

    My jio no. Is 7018147895 and its three week over i have submited all the documents but didnt get the message of tele verification and my alternate no. Is 8894257859 plzz solve it

  10. rajdeepsinh jadeja says:

    Dear sir my Jio number 8200578274 ready tele-verification process completed but not complete sim and confirmation sms and Jio all services sms please I humble request you please activate my jio number sim

  11. shubham says:

    mere jio sim me tele verifiction karne ke liye msg aa rha but jio sim lagate hi. emergncy call only jio aa rha. hai i have. xolo era 4g pls. fix pls

  12. mks says:

    I actually buyed a jio sim and activated it after somedays my frnd asked me to give the jio sim I agreed and gave him my activated sim and yesterday with my sister’s bar code Ive buyed a new jio sim again and inserted in the same slot that I’ve inserted my old jio sim .in my new jio sim it’s displaying Ur data balance exhausted and call only 90 min but I havnt used that new jio sim kindly plz help me

  13. mks says:

    When we open the browser it’s displaying data exhausted data and voice call pack without using the net and call in a jio new sim how to solve this problem plzz help me

  14. mk. says:

    Sir when i called the customer care for balance exhausted they told to wait for 48 hrs because the balance have not credited but buts after 48 hrs when I again called they r telling the same reason wait fr 48 hrs I got feduped I’m having a doubt when we use the old jio sim in a slot and we agin use the new jio sim in the same slot would we get the preview offer becox I can’t get the net it’s piping when I opened the browser balance exhausted and call only 60 min when I opened the myjio apk it’s mentioning jiofi can u tell me a solution what’s the problem in the sim how to resolve plzz

  15. mk. says:

    Sir when i called the customer care for balance exhausted they told to wait for 48 hrs because the balance have not credited but buts after 48 hrs when I again called they r telling the same reason wait fr 48 hrs I got feduped I’m having a doubt when we use the old jio sim in a slot and we agin use the new jio sim in the same slot would we get the preview offer becox I can’t get the net it’s piping when I opened the browser balance exhausted and call only 60 min when I opened the myjio apk it’s mentioning jiofi can u tell me a solution what’s the problem in the sim how to resolve plzz

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