Reliance Jio Terms And Conditions That You Must Know Before Buying It

Reliance Jio Terms And Conditions – Reliance Jio is company which has shaken the whole market using Jio welcome offer i.e. unlimited 4G internet + unlimited HD voice and video calling + unlimited SMS for next 3 months. Now Reliance Jio sim are offered to all 4G mobile phones users and every user can avail benefits of Jio welcome offer.

reliance jio terms and conditions

Reliance Jio making things looks very simply that you will get unlimited data + unlimited voice calling + unlimited SMS till 31st March and after that you have to pay for your internet and voice calling + SMS will be unlimited in every Jio 4G tariff plans.

Do you think Jio is really giving unlimited 4G data or unlimited voice calling ? What if i tell you Jio is not offering unlimited 4G data. Shocked ? but its true. Reliance Jio has some hidden terms and conditions that they didn’t want their users to know about it.

In this article, you will tell you every Reliance jio terms and conditions that you should know.

Reliance Jio Terms And Conditions (Hidden Terms) :-

Is Reliance Jio is really offering unlimited 4G internet ?

Reliance Jio is not offering unlimited 4G data to its users. Jio is offering only 1GB 4G data to its users everyday and after using 1GB data your 4G speed will be gone and you will get speed around 128KBPS which is equals to 2G network.

Is Reliance Jio really offering unlimited voice and video calling ?

You cannot make voice or video calls if you are having a smartphone which doesn’t support VoLTE feature. So, to overcome this issue, Jio has launched Jio Join app through which you can make voice and video calls with smartphone that doesn’t support VoLTE feature but to use jio join app you must have an active internet connection as jio join app doesn’t work offline. Major problem here it that you call never gets connected on 1st attempt. You have to make 5-6 attempts after call get connected.

Can We Reliance jio sim in every mobile phone ?

You cannot even use Jio sim in 3G/2G mobile phones. If you insert sim in 3G/2G mobile phones then you will no get any signal and jio sim won’t work. To make Jio sim work make sure you have a 4G enabled mobile phone.

Will students gets 25% extra benefits on Jio 4G Tariff Plans ?

Jio has announced at its launch that every student will get 25% extra benefits in Jio 4G plans but have you every think that how Jio knows that which user is student and which is not ?

Is Reliance Jio really offering 1GB 4G data for Rs 50 only ?

As part from Jio 4G tariff plans, Jio has announced that they will offer 1GB 4G data for Rs 50 only but i important point here it that 1GB 4G data for Rs 50 is not for every mobile number. This offer is valid only on selected mobile numbers.

These are the terms & conditions of Reliance Jio. You must understand these terms & conditions before buying Jio sim.

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    pls. Suggest me that .. after 31st december if i m not going to use jio sin then they have right to blocked my smatfone with help of imei no?

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