How To Share Idea Internet With Friends And Family (Full Guide)

How to share idea internet with friends and family. Idea has launched an amazing service through which you can transfer your internet data from one sim to another. This is an amazing service from Idea. Today, i am here to guide you step by step to share idea internet with friends and family. This is a full guide of internet sharing in Idea. Sharing internet is very easy and simple. You can easily share idea internet by dialing a USSD code or by using their website.

Share idea internet

Share Idea Data Plan is very simple and you can share idea internet pack by following the steps given below :-

How To Share Idea Internet With Friends And Family :-

1) Go to Idea Website

2) Scoll down and you will see a box “Prepaid EasyShare” as soon in below image.

Share idea internet

3) Click on “Know More”

4) A new page will open and you will see name of the states as shown in the image below :-

Share idea internet

5) Select your State

6) Now you have to buy the data plan to share idea internet (Rate and valditiy of data plan is shown in the image below) but if already have data plan then you can skip this step.

Share idea internet

7) Now you can share idea data pack by two methods. These are :-

a) By using website

b) By dialing a USSD code

a) To share idea data pack by dialing USSD :-

* Dial *121*121# and follow the instructions given on the screen.

b) To share idea data pack by using website :-

* Go to Idea Website From Here

* Login using facebook or google+ or simply create new account

* Follow the instructions given on the screen.

That’s it. You have successfully share idea internet.

Terms & Conditions :-

1) Customer can recharge with the EasyShare plans, and he can become a donor and transfer some benefits from his pack to Idea prepaid subscribers of his circle, after choosing any of the transfer packs.

2) Subscriber can’t transfer the benefits that he has received from any other Donor.

3) The transfer cannot happen to customers own MSISDN.

4) The transfer fee for sharing will be deducted from the main TT balance.

5) Customer should have sufficient TT balance and in the EasyShare dedicated accounts for initiating the transfer.

6) Customer can add the beneficiaries through WEB (Max 5). Removal of beneficiaries can happen also through USSD. A beneficiary can be part of multiple customers list.

7) The EasyShare packs and transfer packs will serve as add-on packs. Data could be 2G/3G, depending on customer’s existing plan and handset.

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