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Hello guys. Today we are launching our whatsapp broadcast service. We are already sending you real time loot deals and offers alert on your email and via chrome push notifications but many users are still asking for a whatsapp broadcast service to get deals alert. So, from now we will alert you via whatsapp whenever a new loot deal or offers comes. We all knew these type of offers doesn’t last long and expires within 1-2 hour so now we will alert you whenever a new loot deal or offer comes. You can subscribe to our whatsapp broadcast service by following the steps below.

How To Subscribe EasyRechargeTricks Whatsapp Broadcast Service :-

1) Save our mobile number – “9991731083” as EasyRechargeTricks in your contacts

2) Open your whatsapp

3) Refresh your contact list

4) Send us a message – Type “SUB Your_name” and send it.

5) That’s it. We will add you in Whatsapp broadcast within 48 hours.

Important – We are launching broadcast service only to alert you for loot deals and offer. We will not send all deals and offer. So, you must visit our site regularly to avoid missing awesome offers.

Features :-

1) If you have any trick and you want to share that trick with us then simply message us. We will check or try it and if it works then we will post it here and give you credit in the post.

2) We respect your privacy so we are not going to share your number with anyone.

3) You will get fastest updates on any loot deal or offer that comes and may expire within few hours.

Rules :-

1) Don’t message us again and again. We will try to add you as soon as possible.

2) If you have any problem regarding tricks or offer then please use website comment to get answers. We are not going to reply any query on whatsapp

3) If you try to spam us more than 2 times then we will remove you from broadcast group and block you.

4) Don’t message us for any trick. If we have one then we are definitely going to share it on EasyRechargeTricks.

Subscribe Us :-

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