Trick To Transfer Paytm Cash Into Bank At 0% Charges

How to transfer paytm cash into bank account at 0% charges. We all knew that we can transfer paytm cash to bank account officially but we have to pay some charges as transfer fee. Today, i am going to tell you how to transfer paytm cash to bank account at 0% charges. This is an amazing and 100% working trick. First you have to transfer paytm cash to askmepay app and then you can transfer askmepay app wallet money to your bank account without paying any extra charges. Follow the steps below to transfer paytm wallet money to bank without paying extra charges.

Transfer Paytm Cash Into Bank At 0% Charges

How To Transfer Paytm Cash Into Bank At 0% Charges :-

1) Download AskmePay App

2) Login or create new account

3) Initiate your recharge

4) Enter any “Wrong Operator”

(For example – If you are using airtel sim then you must enter any other operator like idea, vodafone etc. But don’t enter airtel)

5) Enter your amount

(Note : Enter recharge amount that you want to transfer into bank)

6) Proceed to payment page

7) Select “Paytm Wallet” as payment option

8) Pay the amount using paytm wallet and complete your transaction.

That’s it. Your recharge will failed and you will get refund in your askmepay wallet within few hours.

Now, you have money in your askmepay app wallet and you want to transfer it to bank. So, follow further steps.

How To Transfer AskmePay Wallet Balance To Bank :-

Note :- There is a limit on transfer money to bank per day. You can only transfer Rs 2500 to bank per day.

1) Download Udio App 

2) Open the app

3) Create new account using mobile number you used to register with askmepay app.

4) Verify your details

5) That’s it. Your account will be created successfully and you will see askmepay wallet balance in your udio account also.

6) Now simply click on “Menu” > “Transfer To Bank”

7) Enter your bank details

8) Click on “Transfer to Bank” and select your bank account

9) Enter the amount you want to transfer to bank and click on “Transfer”

That’s it. Your money will be transferred to your bank account within 24 hours.

Note – Use this trick at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage cause to you.

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Akib bakshi says:

    Not working brother as recharge got failed but the amount is credited to paytm wallet instead of ask me pay wallet

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