UC Union Affiliate Program – Earn Money By Promoting Apps

Uc Union Affiliate Program, uc union trick, uc union hack – Uc Union is an advanced affiliate program through which you can earn money in dollars by simply promoting some apps like you did in many refer and earn offers. Today i am going to guide you how to earn money from uc union affiliate program. You can earn $5-$10 daily by sending the affiliate link to your friends and tell them to download the app or you can simply gran their devices and download it yourself. :D. You can earn money by promoting apps like paytm, 9apps, uc browser etc.

Uc Union Affiliate Program

What is UC Union :-

UC Union is a leading global mobile union system. It’s an advanced affiliate platform based on the resources of UCWeb, one of the strongest players in mobile internet industry. With UCWeb’s flagship UC Browser and strategic alliance 9APP/9Game, we connect UC partners with 500 million global users. Uc union provides flexible cooperation models like Cash payment/Site exchange/App exchange. With the support from our professional team, you can easily monitor the accurate promotion data through our reliable system.


How To Earn Money In Dollars From Uc Union Affiliate Program :-

Now read this post carefully because now i am going to tell you how to create your account on Uc union and get your affiliate links to promote.

Steps To Get Started :-

1) Go to Uc Union Website From Here

2) Select “Publisher” and click on “Sign Up”

3) Now you will see a form like show in the image below.

Uc Union Affiliate Program

4) Enter your username (Your username must be unique)

5) Enter your password (Your password must contain 1 uppercase letter, numbers)

6) Select your country

7) In Online Contact section, select “Facebook” and enter your fb profile url

8) Enter your email address and your cell phone number.

9) Now simply check the box below referral code column to agree terms & conditions of Uc union affiliate program.

10) Click On “Submit”

11) Verify your email address and your account will be create successfully.

Till now you have created a new account on Uc union but you are not eligible to promote your affiliate links through which you can earn money because you didn’t submit your website on which you will promote links. To become eligible for UC union affiliate program and get your affiliate link simply follow the steps below.

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How To Become Eligible For Uc Union Affiliate Program :-

1) First go to blogger.com and create a new blog. Add 1 or 2 post in your blog and copy your blog link.

2) Go to Uc Union website and click on “Management” tab

3) Click on “Submit a new Application/site” and select “Site”

4) Enter your blog name and blog url.

5) Select category as “Blog”

6) Select “Promotion Link(Affiliate) by clicking on Cooperate

7) Now select “Cash” in Cooperation

8) Select “Affiliate” as type

9) Enter your blog name and blog url.

10) Select category as “Blog” and “Link”as integration method

11) Click on “Continue”

That’s it. Now wait for 3-4 days to get approval. After getting approval from Uc Union you are ready to earn money in dollars with UC union affiliate program.

How To Get Affiliate Links To Promote In UC Union :-

Update – There is a new campaign i.e. UC news which is offering around $0.20 per download. This campaign is not available for all you can get it approved by contacting your account manager.

After getting approval you will see many apps to promote but every app is country specific. So, select that app on which you country’s flag is shown.

1) Go to “Management” tab.

2) Click on “Check Campaign List”

3) Click on “All Campaign”

uc union affiliate program

4) Select your country and click on “Search”

5) Now you will see many apps to promote which is available for your country.

Uc union affiliate program

6) Select the app you want to promote and click on “Promote It”

7) That’s it. You will get your affiliate link. Simply copy your referral link and share it with your friends on facebook, Whatsapp etc.

You can earn $1-$10 by simply telling your friends to download the app from your link.

Tip – Grab your friend’s device and do it yourself. 😀

How To Refer Friends In UC Union :-

1) Go to Homepage. You will see this banner.

UC Union Affiliate Program

2) Click on the “Banner”

3) Click on “Join Now” and click on “Ok”

4) That’s it. You will get your referral link.

5) Refer friends and earn 10% of referral’s confirmed earning as bonus for three months.

Rules Of UC Union Refer And Earn Program :-

1) Referrer Qualification

Those who have at least one billing at UC Union can join the Plan.

2) Bonus Setting

Referrer will get 10% of referral’s confirmed earning as bonus for three months.


* A recommends B to join UC Union in July. Then UC Union starts to calculate A’s refer bonus from August.

*In August B gets confirmed $10,000. Then A can get $1,000 as refer bonus and this amount will be added to A’s September billing.

3) Bonus will be canceled at the month if any malicious behavior is found by UC Union.

4) Bonus will be canceled at the month if any switched traffic between referrer and referral is found by UC Union.

How To Check Earning Report :-

1) Click on “Report” section and select “Affiliate Data”

2) You will see earning of last 5 days on the screen.

3) If you need to see reports of more than 5 days then simply select the date and month and click on “Submit”

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How To Get Payment From Uc Union :-

UC Union affiliate program

1) Click on “Account Setting”

2) Click on “Payment Account”

3) Select payment method from following :-

  • Bank Transfer (Recommended)
  • Payoneer Account
  • Webmoney account

4) Select “Country of Receive”

5) Enter your details according to payment method you have selected.

6) Click on “Submit”

7) That’s it. You money will be transferred to your account automatically once you reached minimum payout.

Minimum Payout :-

Minimum payout for India is $10.

Uc Union Affiliate Program

How To Check Payment Status After Reaching Minimum Payout :-


Uc Union affiliate Program

1) Click on “Payment Message”

2) You will see your payment status whether it is processing or transferred.

3) Payment Period: from 26th last month to 25th this month, payment within fifteen (15) working days.

4) The total amount displayed in the payment message indicates that your account balance reaches our minimum payout.

5) The status of Transferred means finance department already finished the payment transfer, please wait patiently before you receive the payment, especially for Bank transfer.

More details about about payment – Click Here

So, this is the full guide to use Uc union affiliate program to earn money by sitting at home. If you got stuck on any step then feel free to comment below, we will help you as soon as possible. 🙂

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69 thoughts on “UC Union Affiliate Program – Earn Money By Promoting Apps

  1. yash yadav says:

    can we do it from anroid emulator for pc
    and one more thing nox is supporting mcent to get money not saying than you are not eligible for this offer so can I do it on nox with my refferal link

  2. Ajay Ruhil says:

    bro agr hm referaal link ko copy krke apne kisi frnd ko send kre fb pe and vo usko download krta h uspe click krke to kya earn hoga??

  3. Ajay Ruhil says:

    i send him the referral link on whatsapp n then went to his home.
    using hotspot of my device i connected his phone via wifi n clickd that link and download the app
    but nthng hppnd

  4. Abdul says:

    Bro.. i have started working on uc union from last month & overall i got $30 and confirmed the payment on 13th october afternoon but still status showing Processing. So please let me know in how many days it takes place to tranferred and also let me know that your payment too showing Processing or Transferred???

      • Abdul says:

        Hi bro.. Thank you so much for reply. I have one more doubt plz solve it.

        I Already filled the payment account details of last month September before 25th & i have one doubt please solve it that is when i filled the bank details on last month it doesn’t appeared BIRTHDAY, CITY & ADDRESS options but now its showing. So please let me know for the payment of last month(September) shall i fill up the details of BIRTHDAY, CITY & ADDRESS or Shall i leave that for the payment of September. Once check your account bro.. so that u can understand my problem.

  5. Abdul says:

    I’m working on Ali Express App & getting pay for that but coming to 9apps even installed and browsing for 2-5 mints still not getting pay for that is any reason for that??

  6. Manish Biswas says:

    I am joined in Uc-Union as a publisher 7 days ago. I am from India. My
    username is – manishskv & my email id is – [email protected].
    I am submitted 2 website for approval. But till now I can not approved. Now what can I do for it. Please help me sir.

  7. Aamir Inayat says:


    I have submitted my blog about 7 days ago but still my blog is on pending, I am pretty much sure that I followed the steps, but one thing that doubts me in.
    Do I have to click on +add Pub or +submit site/app while adding my site for affiliate program.
    One more question, if this app promotion program is working for Pakistan?

    Hope to get the answer from you.

    Best regards.

  8. Aamir Inayat says:


    Thanks for the answer, my site has been approved and its working.
    Please tell me what is the difference between 9APPS(IN)-APK-DDL and 9APPS(IN)-APK.

    In my PC both opens direct downloading after clicking the link.

  9. Aamir Inayat says:

    I have some issues using this promotion program, hope Easyrechargetricks can help me.

    My website has been approved in UC-union but want to ask some important questions if any one tried.

    01) Can we use other blogs / website other than our approved website/blog?
    02) Can we cover the link with image?
    03) Sometimes conversation has been done but CVR% is low and earning is 0
    04) What is CVR and does it matter to have good CVR to generate the earning.
    05) Can we use 2-tier promotion? like I have published my link on the blog (other than approved blog) and then share that blog link to Facebook.
    So the user will come through Facebook to my website and then click on that image of download, does it work or count as a conversation?
    06) Sometimes user install and use the app but still the conversation is 0 (facing this on 9apps) any one have idea?
    07) Did anyone try Aliexpress? what are there requirements of successful conversation? as I read they have high quality installs requirement? What does that mean?
    08) I received this email about every install of 9apps that “The channels below are found to have low quality installations by the UC Union system during the promotion of the following campaigns” What does that mean and how to improve the quality of installation if I am doing with my blog (person click by himslef) I am not asking someone to download the app and offering something in exchange.
    09) Is it necessary to use the same website for promotion that has been approved by UC-union? will that consider as a install quality improvement?
    So whats the solution of all these issues?
    I will be very help if you help me in this regard.

  10. ajay says:

    I have an old uc accnt but i nevrr got any kind of earning as i gave them a no of installs by my friends mobile, what is the problem?
    somone said you have a dead account manager.
    is these kind of things happen with it??

  11. Ritesh says:

    I am submitted 2 website for approval. But till now I can not approved. Now what can I do for it. Please help me sir.

  12. kanhaiya says:

    Uc union is become big fraud now..they deducted 278 dollars of mine today by call it low quality traffic…

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