Vodafone 4G Data Offer – Upgrade To Vodafone 4G And Get 2GB 4G Data

Vodafone 2GB 4G Data Offer – Vodafone is offering free 4G internet data to its users. Now upgrade to vodafone 4G and get 2GB 4G data for free. Previously they are offering free 1GB 4G data but now they have doubled the benefits for the users. Now users will be 2GB 4G internet data by upgrading vodafone 3G sim to vodafone 4G sim.

Upgrade To Vodafone 4G And Get 2GB 4G Data

Upgrading to vodafone 4G from vodafone 3G is very easy and free of cost. Really, you don’t need to pay anything for upgrading to vodafone 4G and your vodafone 3G sim will be converted into vodafone 4G within 10-15 minutes.

To upgrade from vodafone 3G to vodafone 4G follow the steps below.

How To Upgrade To Vodafone 4G And Get 2GB 4G Data :-

1) Go to your nearest vodafone store with your documents i.e. aadhaar card or any id proof.

2) Ask them to upgrade vodafone 3G to vodafone 4G.

3) They will ask your mobile number and documents. Show ID proof to them

4) Now they will block your previous sim and issue a new vodafone 4G sim to you.

5) Simply insert the new vodafone 4G sim in your smartphone and wait for 15-20 minutes.

6) That’s it. You have successfully upgraded to vodafone 4G.

7) Now simply open your “Message” and type a new message – “GET 4G

8) Send the message to “144

9) You will received a message from vodafone regarding successful activatation of vodafone 2GB 4G data pack and 2GB 4G internet data will be credited in your account within few minutes.

That’s it. Now enjoy vodafone free 2GB 4G internet data for 10 days.

Terms & Conditions :-

1) Customer must have a 4G-enabled handset and a new 4G-Ready SIM card.

2) Customers who are upgrading to 4G-Ready SIMs will be rewarded with free 1GB 4G internet, at the time of launch.

3)  Offer is valid on selected states i.e. where Vodafone is serving or going to serve 4G networks.

4) Once the request for availing SIM Upgrade offer is received, the same will be processed within 48 hours.

Enjoy 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Vodafone 4G Data Offer – Upgrade To Vodafone 4G And Get 2GB 4G Data

    • Parmeet Bhamra says:

      First of all, you will get 2GB 4G data if you have upgraded from vodafone 3G to vodafone 4G not on getting new connection or vodafone 4G sim. If you have upgraded to vodafone 4G then you need to send a message (mentioned in the article) to get 4G data.

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