Vodafone USSD Codes List 2017 (Vodafone balance check, data balance, Special offers)

Are you searching for vodafone USSD codes? If yes, then you at right place as here we are going to add every single vodafone code i.e. vodafone balance check code, vodafone data balance check, vodafone loan USSD code and much more.

Vodafone USSD codes

Firstly, let me tell you what is USSD code. Well, many of you already knew it but I need to tell those users who still didn’t have any idea what a USSD code is. However they knew how to use USSD code but they don’t knew what a USSD code is. So, here is the simply explanation about USSD code.

What is USSD Code ?

USSD code is used to communicate with service provider’s computers. When we dial a USSD code, we are communicating with the computer and we gets an instant reply or options with more details. USSD codes can be used to check balance, check special offers on number, activate tariff plans and much more.

So, this is all about USSD code. Isn’t it simply to understand from the above explanation. In this article, we will be talking about vodafone USSD codes but if you are the users of other network then simply look at this article in which we have posted USSD codes for all networks. Check here – All networks USSD codes

Vodafone USSD codes really makes the things easier for the users because you can get every details regarding balance check, data balance, loan, special offers, last 3 recharge details and much more by simply dialing a code i.e. USSD code.

Well, there are lot of USSD codes and many of us find it difficult to remember each and every code. So, we have made a division between the codes that are used on daily basis and codes that are not used regularly. From daily use vodafone USSD code, we mean that USSD codes which you use regularly or you need it on daily basis like vodafone balance check code, vodafone data balance check code, SMS balance check etc.

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First of all, we are going to add all ussd code for vodafone that you need on daily basis.

Vodafone USSD code 2017 (USSD code for vodafone) :-

USSD codes for vodafone that are used very commonly or used on daily basis (Vodafone balance check code) :-

1) Vodafone talktime balance check code – *141#

2) Vodafone data balance check code – *111*6*2#

3) Vodafone 2G data balance check code – *111*6*2#

4) Vodafone 3G data balance check code – *111*6*2#

5) Vodafone voice balance check – *145#

6) Vodafone SMS balance check – *111*2*3#

7) Vodafone minutes check – *148#

8) Vodafone internet usage check code – *111*2# then reply with 2

9) Know your own vodafone number – *111*2#

10) Transfer balance from vodafone to vodafone – *131*<amount to be transferred>*<mobile-number>#. For eg. *131*10*9991731083#

11) Vodafone Chotta credit or vodafone internet loan – *111*1# then reply with 3

12) Vodafone talktime loan – *111*3*5#

13) Check my core or flex balance – *111*2*1#

So, these are the vodafone USSD codes that are very useful and mostly used USSD codes for vodafone. Now we are going to post USSD codes for vodafone that are not used commonly but these can become very handy while activating any internet pack, SMS pack, minutes pack and while checking for latest or special offer on your vodafone number.

List of All Vodafone USSD codes or USSD codes for vodafone :-

Here we are going not to add vodafone codes that we have already mentioned above. We will add other useful USSD code of vodafone.

1) Check best offer or special offer on vodafone number code – *111*1# then reply with 1 or *111*1*1#

2) Check my delights – *111*1# then reply with 2 or *111*1*2#

3) Vodafone last 3 calls check code – *111*2*3# then reply with 1

4) Vodafone last 3 SMS check code – *111*2*3# then reply with 2

5) Vodafone last 3 recharges check code – *111*2*3# then reply with 3

5) Vodafone deduction check code – *111*2*4#

6) Vodafone My Tariff plan details check code – *111*2*5#

7) Vodafone start VAS service code – *111*3*2#

8) Vodafone stop VAS service code – *111*3*1#

9) Vodafone song change code – *111*3*3#

10) Update or change email id in vodafone – *111*3*4#

11) Information of regular SMS charging – *111*4*3#

12) Find vodafone store code – *111*4*1#

13) Buy new vodafone connection code – *111*4*2#

14) Vodafone services activation code – *123#

15) Allow missed call to friends at even balance – (No code required as vodafone allows users to give missed call at zero balance)

16) Vodafone Hello tune code – Dial 5525

So, these are all vodafone USSD codes for vodafone to check balance, deductions, services, last recharges and to check best offer but till now we haven’t added any USSD code to activate any vodafone internet pack or vodafone net pack, SMS pack, rate cutter pack etc. So, now we are going to add list of vodafone codes through which you can activate various vodafone packs using your vodafone main balance.

Benefits of recharge through main balance :-

Well, as you know we provide latest recharge tricks and much more through which you can earn talktime on your vodafone and using the USSD codes below, you can activate vodafone packs on your number for free.

List of vodafone codes to activate vodafone packs :-

USSD codesDetails
*111*1*4# then reply with 1 Bonus cards
*111*1*4# then reply with 4 Flex recharge
*111*1*5# then reply with 1 List of 2G internet plans
*111*1*5# then reply with 2 List of 3G interet plans
*111*1*5# then reply with 3 Download internet settings
*111*1*5# then reply with 5 Check activate data plan
*121# then reply with 1 Unlimited local and STD vodafone to vodafone + 2GB data for 28 days at Rs 154
*121# then reply with 2 80 minutes local and STD calling for 28 days at Rs 33
*121# then reply with 3 1GB 3G/4G data for 28 days at Rs 103
*121# then reply with 4 2GB 3G/4G data for 28 days at Rs 156
*121*6# local/STD 30p/min for 28 days at Rs 8
*121*7# STD + Local + Roaming 1p/s for 28 days at Rs 57
*121*8# 250 local/STD SMS for 28 days at Rs 24

So, these are all vodafone USSD codes. But there are some services that can be activated or deactivated using SMS only. So, now we are going to add how to activate or deactivated vodafone services through SMS.

Activate or Deactivate vodafone services through SMS (Message) :-

1) Vodafone 3G activation – SMS “ACT” to “144”

2) Check vodafone data balance – SMS “DATA BAL” to “144”

3) Vodafone loan SMS code – SMS “CREDIT” to “144”

Vodafone Customer Care Number :-

  • For complaints – Dial 198
  • For help – Dial 121

These customer care number are supported in every state in India. For more details visit Vodafone website.

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