Whatsapp Beta Tester – How To Signup For Whatsapp Beta

WhatsApp Beta Tester – How to signup for whatsapp beta and check out every new feature of whatsapp before it is launched. By becoming a beta tester, you will get power to use the whatsapp app on which developers are still working and you can give your suggestions that which feature you liked most and which one you hate. So, this is an amazing opportunity to tell developers that you want a special feature in whatsapp that you liked the most.

How To Signup For Whatsapp Beta

By becoming Whatsapp beta tester, you will get access to latest version of whatsapp which is not launched yet and developers are still working on it.

Beta testers enabled developers to make changes according to the users because every user has its own thinking and choices so to make app user friendly, developers need suggestion from users. Users can suggest developers which feature they want in whatsapp and which one they don’t like.

So, wanna become whatsapp beta tester ? If yes, then simply follow the steps below.

How To Signup For WhatsApp Beta Program :-

Becoming a whatsapp beta tester is as simple as you signup for free recharge apps or offers we have posted before.

1) Simply open playstore in your android mobile

2) Search for Whatsapp and open the whatsapp download page in playstore

3) Scroll to the end and you will get to see this.

How To Signup For Whatsapp Beta

4) Click on “I’m in”

5) Now wait for few minutes and let the signup process complete automatically

6) After successful signup, you will get latest update of whatsapp beta version on which developers are still working.

How To Signup For Whatsapp Beta

7) Update your whatsapp to whatsapp Beta version.

That’t it. Now you can use all latest features of whatsapp before others using whatsapp beta version.


1) Login to your gmail account which is connected with playstore in default browser

(To signup for whatsapp beta program, you must use your own gmail because beta program will be activated on gmail account you have used on step 1)

2) Now go to this link

3) Click on “Become A Tester”

4) You will get a message – “You are now a tester”

5) Now simply download latest version of whatsapp beta and enjoy every new feature of whatsapp before anyone.

Note :- You may face some bugs in whatsapp beta version because it is still developing.

So, you don’t want to be beta tester anymore ? Don’t worry you can simply leave this program simply as you have signup for whatsapp beta program.

How To Leave Whatsapp Beta program :-

1) Simply go to this link

2) Click on “Leave Program”

3) That’s it.


1) Open whatsapp page in your google playstore in your smartphone

2) Scroll down to the end of the page

3) Click on “Leave Program”

4) That’s it. You have successfully leaved whatsapp beta program.

Advantages Of Becoming Whatsapp Beta Tester :-

  • Users can use latest features of whatsapp before the launch.
  • Users will get opportunity to have their favorite feature in the latest version of whatsapp.
  • Users can also suggest developers which features they don’t want in new version.
  • Developers takes your suggestions and try to make whatsapp more user friendly.

Are you facing any problem ? Don’t worry feel free to comment below. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

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