How To Activate Whatsapp Two Step Verification Security Feature (Full Guide)

How to activate whatsapp two step verification on your whatsapp account. Whatsapp 2 step verification allows you to make your files and data in your whatsapp account secure. After activating whatsapp two step verification no one can use your whatsapp account with your permission. This is the latest feature of whatsapp which will help you to protect your files, images, videos etc from others.

Whatsapp Two Step Verification

Whatsapp two step verification feature is launched for the purpose of giving security to the whatsapp users. After enabling whatsapp 2 step verification, you will be asked to enter a passcode set by you whenever you try to register whatsapp account in new device using your mobile number.

Previously, anyone having your mobile phone can register for whatsapp using your mobile number because previously only mobile number is needed to create whatsapp account. So, they can download whatsapp in their mobile phones and use your mobile number to get OTP and everything is done. But not now, after activating whatsapp 2 step verification, they need to enter a pass code set by you to access your account. I am 100% sure they are not going to ask you for passcode so your data will be safe.

Fear of forgetting passcode ? Don’t worry whatsapp has already encounter your fear. As whatsapp is also asking for your email id while activating whatsapp 2 step verification so that if you somehow forget your passcode then you can reset your whatsapp passcode using your email account.

So, whatsapp 2 step verification is one step further to make your whatsapp account more secure. Now you are wondering how to activate whatsapp two step verification feature in your whatsapp account. Don’t worry activating new feature of whatsapp takes 2-3 minutes of your valuable time and we are going to guide you how you can activate whatsapp 2 step verification feature in your whatsapp account.

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Activating whatsapp two step verification feature is as simple as creating account on whatsapp. You just need to follow few steps and after that your whatsapp account will be safe.

How To Enable Whatsapp Two Step Verification :-

1) Open whatsapp in your smartphone

2) Click on “Settings”

3) Click on “Accounts”

4) Now you see a new feature under “Security” i.e. “Two-step verification”. Click on it.

5) Now you will be asked to enable this feature. Simply click on “Enable”

6) Now enter any 6 digits as your passcode which can be remembered easily and click on “Next”

7) Again enter 6 digits as you entered on step 6. Click on “Next”

8) Now enter your email id and click on “Next”

(Makesure you add a valid email account. As this email account will help you in case you forget your passcode)

9) Again enter your email id as you entered on step 8. Click on “Next”

That’s it. You will get a success message – “Two-step verification is enabled”.

Note :- Whatsapp 2 step verification feature is available in whatsapp beta version only and it is not officially launched. 

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How To Disable Whatsapp Two Step verification :-

1) Open whatsapp in your smartphone

2) Click on “Settings” > “Accounts” >  “Two-step verification” and click on it.

3) Now you will get 3 options there

  • Disable
  • Change Passcode
  • Change email address

3) Click on “Disable”

That’s it. You can also change your email and passcode in the same way.

Have any queries ? Feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

Enjoy 🙂

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