Whatsapp Video Calling – How To Get Video Call In Whatsapp

How to get video call in whatsapp using whatsapp video calling feature. Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app in which we can chat with friends, send video or images  and can do voice calling with an awesome quality. Till now whatsapp lacks video calling feature which is offered by other messaging apps. But now the wait is over as whatsapp has introduced Video calling feature in the latest update of whatsapp.

How To Get Video Call In Whatsapp

Whatsapp calling feature is not launched yet. So, to enable whatsapp calling feature you need to become whatsapp beta tester.

Beta tester is a program which allows users to use latest feature of a particular app which is still in development mode or developing. You will get access to latest features of an app before it is launched officially.

Now you may be thinking that you need lot of knowledge to become a tester. I’m right ? Don’t worry you don’t need anything special knowledge to become a beta tester. Becoming whatsapp beta tester is as simply as you are downloading an app from playstore.

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Now i will suppose that you are now a whatsapp beta tester and you have latest whatsapp beta version installed in your device. Now follow the steps below to get whatsapp video calling feature enabled in your whatsapp.

How To Get Video Call In Whatsapp :-

After becoming a beta tester, you will get access to all latest feature of whatsapp and one of those feature is Video calling. So, now you are ready to use video calling feature in whatsapp.

1) Simply click on any chat

2) Now you will get a call icon on the right of the name of your friend

3) Click on Calling icon

4) Now you will get a popup as shown in the image below

How To Get Video Call In Whatsapp

5) Select “Audio Call” or “Video Call”

6) That’s it. Your call will be connected within few seconds.

Note : You may face this error – “Couldn’t Place Call – Video calling is unavailable at this time” because even you got video calling feature activated in your whatsapp beta version but video calling feature is not activated from their end.

Enjoy 🙂

If you face any problem feel free to comment below..

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